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  2. Poached Eggs and Smashed Avo In Melbourne: We Still Love You
Poached Eggs and Smashed Avo In Melbourne: We Still Love You

Poached Eggs and Smashed Avo In Melbourne: We Still Love You

Avocados have had a bad press recently. Apparently, twenty-somethings would rather eat the bright green superfood than own their own home or have kids. Brunching has become synonymous with millennials, (and quite possibly Melbourne) who enjoy their avo with poached eggs whilst they chat about terrible things such as travelling and changing the world... Sounds awful, doesn't it?

Even though the rest of the world might be trying to dampen our spirits and take our poached eggs and avo away from us, we're fighting for everyone in Melbourne, including the non-millennials who also love their protein and superfoods. Here are our favourite brunch spots serving the green goodness and oozy eggs:

1. Turbine Cafe

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Turbine Cafe sounds like the sort of place your nan would want to take you for lunch until she realises that it's actually a super sexy brunch spot which turns into a bar as night falls. Turbine Cafe are truly flying the flag for millennial brunch lovers, and their menu is as you would expect: poached eggs on crunchy toast, oozing yolk bright green avo. They also have a selection of eggs benedict, royale and florentine served on bagels if you fancy something a bit more indulgent. You might not be in the position to buy a house afterwards, but at least you'll be full of delicious breakfast.

2. Schmucks Bagels

Schmucks prove that bagels make breakfast. Whilst there might be some guys in Bondi tucking into a burger after a night out, and we're totally on board with that, there's nothing wrong with a humble bagel. Whilst they don't serve a poached egg and smashed avo bagel, they prove that vegans will never give up the avo with their vegan bagel served with the green stuff, pickled red onion, capers and herbs on seedy grain. Perhaps if you ask nicely they might add a poached egg and then it'll become the bagel of dreams. Or perhaps not. Maybe if you forgo your egg, you might be able to afford a mortgage?

3. Einstein's Relative

Einstein's Relative is obviously very smart because they keep their breakfast simple. Smashed avo and poached eggs on toast is their offering and we're happy to oblige. However, it wouldn't be fresh if it didn't put a little twist on the classic. It's served with dukkah, an Egyptian condiment made from nuts, herbs and spices (sounds like a bonus helping of protein) and some crumbled feta sprinkled with chilli. Of course, it's all loaded onto a thick slice of sourdough. Classic. You know what's even more classic? Going out for dinner. Just to make extra sure that you'll remain an eternal millennial, you could always treat yourself to some wagyu at one of Melbourne's most expensive restaurants. You don't even want a house, do you?

4. The Beatt Cafe

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The Beatt understand that we are creatures of choice, and their Avo Your Way appeals to our liberal side. You can have your smashed avo and eggs simply on sourdough or build your brekky your way by adding some toppings. Perhaps you fancy adding some carrot hummus or tomato chilli jam to spice up your life. And as if not owning your own home wasn't hip enough, you can wash it all down with a Slam Jam smoothie and an artisan sparkling water. If you're really daring, you could try The Beatt's Living Lemon Soda, made from lemongrass and living bacteria. Who said millennials were sheltered?

If you really were a millennial, you'd probably have brunch at home. Why not order your brekky from Deliveroo and save yourself the washing up?

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