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  2. Delightfully delectable Asian-inspired prawns, perfect for starters and even better for mains!
Aromatic Asian-Inspired Prawns – 5 Steps to Seafood Perfection

Delightfully delectable Asian-inspired prawns, perfect for starters and even better for mains!

Prawns are so versatile and quick to cook – no wonder they're served up on every continent. They make the perfect appetiser but can also be a star ingredient on the mains plate. Few things are as palatable as a Mediterranean prawn paella, a classic prawn cocktail, prawn chowder soup or a good prawn rogan josh curry. But when it comes to flavoursome, exotic twists on this scintillating species of seafood, who does it better than the Eastern chefs?

Whether it's beer-battered tempura prawns or the comfort of prawn fried rice, whether it's Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese, Asian-inspired prawn dishes seem to abound in happily endless varieties. Craving Chinese takeaway or that most sublime of Eastern culinary exports, sushi? Don't worry, we've scoured Sydney to round up the best, just for you. Here are some must-try Asian prawn dishes that – trust us – you can't afford to miss.

1. King Prawn With Salty Egg Yolk

This fried egg and cornflour prawn dish from Golden Unicorn with ginger and garlic is crispy, savoury perfection. The richness of the egg yolks is offset by the lightness of the batter. Delicious and aromatic, we challenge you to leave even a crumb behind on your plate.

2. Oyster Sauce Stir Fry with prawns

This stir-fried Thai masterpiece from Capital Thai incorporates oyster mushrooms, green beans, carrots, snow pea, onion and more textured, crunchy vegetables. They are all enveloped in delectable oyster sauce and, of course, accompanied by our favourite shellfish. Just as we've come to expect from the best of wok-fried Thai dishes, this is heaven! It's hard to make up your mind, though, with so many delectable prawn dishes on offer here, from Garlic and Pepper Sauce Prawns to Chilli Basil Prawns and or Prawns in a Satay Sauce. If you can think up a flavour profile, chances are you'll find it here – it's making the decision that's the problem!

3. Chives Prawn Gow Gee

Malay food has to be some of the best on the planet, drawing as it does from Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and other influences to create a melting pot like no other. And true to flavour form, these Gow Gee are no ordinary dumplings. KL Kitchen compliments their Dim Sum, perfectly steamed mouthfuls of love, with the subtleness of chives. And the result? An already comforting culinary classic that's oh so much more special.

4. Vietnamese Pork and Prawn Salad

Just the thing if you'd like something fresh but filling and out of the ordinary! Think along the lines of vermicelli and sprouts, cucumber, pickled carrots, mint, coriander, sweet peanut sauce and you'll understand why the unique flavours from this kitchen are in such high demand! Meals from Phomo are popular, so get in there before it's all gone!

5. Po Tak Clear Seafood Soup – Charles Thai

We know from Tom Yum that the Thai are seafood soup masters. There's just something about the delivery of a brimming hot Thai broth that gets us all giddy – maybe it's the lemongrass? It definitely has something to do with the prawns! This sizzler of a soup from Charles Thai features fresh chilli, lemongrass, galangal (aromatic ginger), lime juice, Thai hot basil, prawns, squid and mussels. How can such a simple meal be so extraordinarily exotic at the same time? Who cares when it's this good?

These and numerous other palate-pleasing Deliveroo prawn dishes await you. Delectable seafood dreams are made of these!

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