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Purple vegetables dishes that pack a nutritional punch

Purple power! Are purple vegetables good for you?

Across Australia we're seeing something of a revolution when it comes to vegetables and vegetarian food. But it's not boring or bland - nope, not at all! There are all kinds of tasty dishes out there - from curries and soups through to pizzas and even burgers - and we're keen to try the lot. It's not just creativity which makes some of the food taste amazing, however. It's the fact that it sometimes makes our plates a lot more colourful, too. The trend of the moment seems to be purple vegetables, so let's see what Australia's got!

1. Drop some smooth beets

The purple craze isn't always about the hard stuff (and by that we mean food), so let's kick things off with a smoothie, shall we? Drop The Beet from Smooth E in Melbourne offers a delicious drink to customers which happens to also be a deep purple in colour - so it looks great as well. It's absolutely chock-full of goodness: banana and vanilla yoghurt make it sweet, LSA and almonds provide a protein boost. And the secret to its colourful success? Beetroot, of course. Helping to lower blood pressure, boosting your exercise performance and even staving off dementia, this purple ball of wonder is fantastic for your health.

2. Make it rain with acai

The Bondi Juice Co have risen to the occasion with a drink called Purple Rain. This time acai is the culprit behind such a rich colour, in addition to blueberry, goji berry and chia. But this drink is so much more than just a pretty face. We love that it's packed full of flavours, including banana and coconut water as well. It goes without saying that all these ingredients are really good for you, with acai's antioxidants making your choice both colourful and clever!

3. Crunch on purple cabbage

If you're a cabbage fan, you're going to love this. One of our fave veggies has stepped up its game - and this purple cabbage truly packs a crunch! At Pressed Juices in Melbourne, their aim is to nourish you with the best in both juices and wholesome food. We're obsessed with the Thai Basil and Cashew Salad, as it's simply got so much going on. Everything is so fresh and fragrant, from the zucchini noodles to the spring onion and right down to the purple cabbage itself. It's even finished off with a coconut sauce. Your plate will feature every colour of the rainbow and your mouth will experience plenty of variation as well. Yum!

4. Get rad with radishes

When you get into poke bowls, there are plenty of fresh veggies involved. There are plenty of places tending to the craze across the country and at St Kilda's Poke-Ko, they're giving radishes a go. They're making a huge comeback of late, with plenty of nutrients for the health-conscious as well as a really great taste. The Tasty Tuna bowl features fresh tuna, shredded carrot, baby spinach, pickled ginger and - obviously - the raddest of radishes. Enjoy!

Purple isn't just a fun colour, it's a super tasty one, too. If you're looking for a healthy takeaway, order one now on Deliveroo.

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