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The Story Behind The Dish: Risotto

The story behind the dish: risotto

For a creamy, warming dish packed with fresh Italian flavours, look no further than a steaming bowl of rich and creamy risotto. It's a timeless favourite that brings together fluffy short-grain rice, nutty parmesan, white wine and ladlefuls of stock, along with any number of juicy ingredients to keep you coming back for more.

Domanis cooks up a storm when it comes to gooey, rice-based goodness with dishes. Find out how this rice dish came to be the classic we all know and love today.

Once upon a risotto…

The history of risotto goes hand in hand with the story of rice in Italy. Rice arrived in Italy during the Middle Ages, when Arabic traders brought it across from Spain. They made the most of the balmy Italian climate and decided to plant more. Over the years, the world found out about the great quality of rice growing in northern Italy, and soon the money came pouring in from traders demanding exports. Arborio rice from Piedmont is still one of the best risotto rice varieties in the world.

Risotto as we know it was born in Milan – when slow-cooking met rice – and this iconic dish began to feed the masses. At the time, Milan was under Spanish rule, hinting towards the delicious similarity between risotto and paella. Everything came together over the heat – you slowly add stock to rice to create that trademark creaminess we all know and love today.

Nothing beats a classic

Nowadays, risotto is everywhere, and any Italian restaurant worth its parmesan will have its own version of this classic. Many build on the traditional base with ingredients such as seafood, truffles, red meats, fresh vegetables and – even more – rich cheeses.

Although umpteen risotto variations have developed, the original Risotto alla Milanese – featuring generous helpings of butter, parmesan and wine – remains popular across the world. In this dish, gentle slow cooking brings out delicate flavours, with saffron giving it a distinctive, sunshine-yellow colour.

Beyond stock and saffron

If you're looking to sample traditional, home-cooked risotto at its best, Domanis has three authentic options featuring tender rice and a variety of tasty ingredients.

Try their Pancetta Risotto, with crispy, salty chunks of bacon and tangy fennel seeds, plus shallots and pea puree for that added sweetness. There's nothing like the rich aroma of freshly made risotto, and it just gets better when herbs like basil and sage, or a smattering of garlic, are mixed in. Domanis' Chicken Risotto features indulgent garlicky chicken, a spicy blend of tomatoes, and smooth bocconcini cheese – definitely one for the dairy lovers.

For a more adventurous take on risotto, the innovative Duck and Mushroom variety is the one for you. Here, succulent duck breast meets wild mushrooms and fiery rocket, for a meatier taste of traditional Italian risotto, with all the characteristic creamy flavour still bursting from the plate.

Get the classic, velvety taste of risotto delivered straight to your door, with a Domanis order from Deliveroo today.

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