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Brisbane’s Most Romantic Chocolate Desserts For Valentine’s Day

Melt Your Valentine’s Heart With Brisbane’s Gooey Choco Desserts

The most romantic day of the year is nearly here and love is in the air. It's a time for magical moments, candlelit settings and – of course – chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Right here in Brisbane, some of the most delectable and romantic chocolate desserts are waiting to be enjoyed by you and that special someone. Don't worry – we're here to help you show your love with the best chocolate desserts in town. If you're looking for the right treat to impress your Valentine, check out our ultimate guide.

1. Epic Chocolate Brownie - Jamie's Italian

First up on our list of chocolate divinity is the Epic Chocolate Brownie from Jamie's Italian. As everyone knows, chocolate brownies are a timeless dessert that few can pass up. The Epic Chocolate Brownie is no exception. Jamie's Italian serves a delicious and freshly-baked brownie dense with flavour and drizzled with a smooth, rich chocolate sauce. This choco-masterpiece is then topped off with a gorgeous sprinkle of caramelised popcorn for an extra buttery crunch. A dessert worthy of any occasion, spend your romantic evening over the most epic of brownies.

2. The Sean Combs - Mister Fitz

A traditional ice-cream parlour serving up their very own original ice-cream recipes, Mister Fitz keeps everyone in a dream-like state with their over-the-top, handmade goodies. Their insane signature ice-cream sandwiches and waffle cones are sure to impress! For the chocolate-loving lovers out there, the Sean Combs features two thick Nutella cookies packed with an incredibly tasty coffee-honeycomb ice cream and laced with coffee crumbs. Topped off with even more Nutella (of course), Mister Fitz brings you the most choco-loaded ice-cream sandwich, fully equipped to share between you and your loved one.

3. Fudge Nut Sundae - Cowch Dessert Bar

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No words can fully describe just how drool-worthy this chocolate beauty from Cowch Dessert Bar is. It features three big scoops of condensed milk, peanut butter and cookies and cream ice cream stacked up on a bed of chocolate brownies. The marvel is drenched in a creamy chocolate ganache and decorated with a garnish of peanuts, whipped cream and even more dark chocolate. With chocolate oozing from every inch of this gorgeous dessert, the Fudge Nut Sundae speaks for itself. Beyond perfect for any chocolate-lover out there, get your hands on some and earn a few "brownie points" from your loved one!

4. Chocolate Soufflé - Max Brenner

Of course no list of romantic chocolate treats is complete without a classic soufflé to top it all off. Chocolate enthusiast and expert Max Brenner presents his signature soufflé, ensuring every chocolate-aficionado a guaranteed delight with every bite. A simple chocolate soufflé served warm with ice cream melting atop the creamiest gooey centre is the ultimate choice to complement this year's Valentine's Day dinner. One for the favourite's list, this pristine choice will melt your special someone's heart like ice cream!

Enjoy this Valentine's day indulging in any of these fantastic chocolate treats and let Deliveroo bring them straight to your door!

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