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Romantic Restaurants Melbourne – Opulent Eateries to Impress your Valentine

Truffles, Steak And Oysters – Do Valentine’s Day Right With These Sublime Selections

Looking to win Valentine's Day and earn the favour of your loved one for another year? There are plenty of romantic restaurants in Melbourne that will provide you with sumptuous cuisine that sets the right tone. All you need to do is adjust the mood lighting, come up with the right playlist, and scatter the rose petals. We guide you through the restaurants and dishes that will help take your evening to the desired levels. And of course, don't forget to pair all of these choices with some fine and fruity luxury wines.

1. 400 Gradi

When it comes to romantic cuisine, it doesn't get much better than Italian. You can almost taste the love and care that goes into dishes from the European country and what better way to create a cosy and warm atmosphere at the dinner table? Melbourne is home to some stunning Italian eateries and 400 Gradi is up there with the best. One of the most romantic and opulent offerings on the menu here is the Pappardelle ai Funghi Misti, a pasta dish made with mixed mushrooms, truffle cream and shaved pecorino. The restaurant also features some fantastic sharing desserts such as the Mango Tiramisu – we recommend tucking into it with only one spoon.

2. Criniti's

Criniti's is another popular Italian with a reputation for serving up some stunning dishes. Although the extensive menu features everything from pizzas to pasta and risotto, the standout section when you're looking for something extra special has to be the steaks. There are huge, juicy steaks to suit anyone's preference and customers can choose between the tenderloin, rib eye, sirloin or T-bone. The beef is sourced from renowned cattle farmers and just wait 'til you see its excellent marbling.

3. Richmond Oysters

Oysters are known to be one of the best aphrodisiacs you can put between your lips and no extravagant Valentine's Day meal would be complete without a portion of the pearls of the ocean. Melbourne residents are lucky enough to have an oyster specialist in the city and the deliciously romantic treats can be delivered fresh to your door. Richmond Oysters offers up other seafood treats, but the shelled delicacies are, without doubt, the main event. You could opt for the natural oysters with a choice of sauce, or the cooked oysters prepared in a style of your choice. Either way, you and your loved one will enjoy slurping these down.

4. Empire Steak

There's nothing better than a big, fat, juicy steak to help you tap into your animal instincts and prepare for a passionate evening. But for those with smaller appetites, you might prefer the prime slab to be sliced into more manageable chunks. At Empire Steak, they specialise in getting the best beef cuts and putting them into awesome sandwiches and salads. Dishes like the Caesar steak salad and the Lazy Susan sandwich are ideal for sharing and could provide the perfect excuse to snuggle up a bit closer to your loved one. All the dishes are reasonably priced as well, so you have more cash to spend on the roses.

Impress your Valentine with dishes from these extravagant and luxurious restaurants, all of which can be ordered from Deliveroo.

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