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  2. Say Goodbye To The Boring Blueberry Muffin – Get Your Tea Break Brain Fuel From Sydney’s Berry Tasty Selection!
4 Best Berry Treats To Be Found In Sydney

Say Goodbye To The Boring Blueberry Muffin – Get Your Tea Break Brain Fuel From Sydney’s Berry Tasty Selection!

Sitting in the office during a nice day outside can sometimes feel like slow torture, even if you love your job. This is when it's time to sweeten things up and give your mid-morning brew more than just a spoonful of sugar. Science has proven that the best brain fuel is glucose, so why not power your mental agility with a dose of peppy delights? How about you take a bite into a slice of soft, squishy very berry goodness?

Your options for sweetness are not only limited to bog-standard blueberry muffins: you can dig into berry filled tarts, pies and other tasty treats. So as the lunch hour draws near, stave off the "hanger" with some of Sydney's sweet offerings. We've dished some up here for you and believe us, they're the perfect accompaniment to your mid-morning cuppa of choice.

1. Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin

This seasonal sweet treat makes the best nibble to quench your mid-morning craving. Ragamuffin Bakery's blueberry cheesecake muffin has a cracker crust that is just so buttery on the tongue, a cheesecake centre just so soft and fluffy and a tangy blueberry swirl that simply salivates the mouth. It feels heavenly to sink your teeth in and it's the perfect mid-morning tummy filler – just one slice will keep you going until lunch. Wash it down with a cup of Turkish coffee and – wow, this is bliss.

2. Chocolate Maple Strawberry Pie

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Are brownies your favourite? Do you go silly for strawberries? The Belgian cakelets served at The Pie Tin will mesmerise you. Their strawberries are maple-soaked then baked into a soft-centred Belgian chocolate brownie. The mapled berries add just the right sweetness to this chocolate pie of dreams. This is a pure teatime guilty pleasure to satisfy your soul and make you forget the blueberry muffin was ever your choice snack!

3. Raspberry and Coconut Protein Slice

Treats and nibbles are also for the health-conscious: everyone needs a delicious sweet treat once in a while. But the thought of accelerating the calorie gain restricts a lot of people. For the health conscious, this super raspberry and coconut protein slice at Macchiato will do the trick – get your sweet berry fix 100% guilt-free. Its main ingredients are coconut, berries, whey protein, yoghurt and nuts. A slice will keep both hunger and calorie count in check and the organic leaf tea of your choice will come in handy for this marvellous berry sensation.

4. Lemon Tart with Mixed Berry Compote

Some people prefer something totally sweet for their enjoyment, while others need a zesty lemon taste to tingle their taste buds. If you prefer the bittersweet, a Bitton Café lemon tart with mixed berry compote will give you that tantalisation. Soft meringue contrasts with the buttery crust, and when the tart is ready they cover it with a tangy mixed berry compote. Getting the zesty and sweet taste all at once could send you on a trip. But it's the kind of sweet trip you really need.

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