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  2. Move over sweetie - here's what makes savoury pancakes the best
Savoury pancakes rock - Here's what makes them so great

Move over sweetie - here's what makes savoury pancakes the best

Step aside, sweet pancakes - there are new kids on the pancake block. Savoury pancakes are nothing new in the world of Asian cuisine, but they're hitting the food-trend headlines big time. Asian food is growing and growing across Australia, with fantastic options for savoury mains. Pancakes are so varied and Chinese, Japanese and other cultures have fostered the desire to eat pancakes in a savoury way; now we are finally here and ready for it. So what makes up the ultimate savoury pancake? Let's use some of our faves on Deliveroo to find out.

1. Stuffed full of duck

It would be rude to discuss savoury pancakes without gushing about the classic Peking duck versions. Chinese cuisine has long favoured this dish and at Mahjong Room in Sydney they've got it down to a fine art. Thin pancakes complement the meat perfectly, leaving it to speak for itself. The duck is the star of this show, but it would be nothing without its supporting shredded cucumber and a delicious duck sauce. You'll be stuffed like the pancakes when you're done, but in the very best way!

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2. Made with key Korean ingredients

The cuisine in Korea is incredibly varied, but one of its most iconic ingredients has to be kimchi. This pickled veggie and cabbage dish is unique but delicious, and now it's popping up in pancakes as well. In Perth, Poppo Korean and Japanese happily presents its Kimchi Jyeon, a kimchi pancake that's truly faithful to the Korean style. It's a little different for those used to more Western foods - perhaps even an acquired taste - but once you're into it, you'll want to try everything kimchi under the sun. And these pancakes are the perfect way to open the kimchi floodgates.

3. With an Indian influence

Ever thought about "Indian" and "pancakes" in the same sentence? Neither had we before this. Pancakes at Carillon in Perth is sitting on a real gem here, with their extra special Tandoori Temptation Savoury Crepe. "Sugar and spice and all things nice" takes on a whole new meaning with this dish, absolutely packed full. Enjoy succulent tandoori chicken topped with all the good stuff, including a leafy green salad, homemade coleslaw, toasted sesame seeds and coriander. We promise, it's absolutely delicious!

4. Just add cheese!

Finally, The Pancake Parlour in Melbourne knows the score when it comes to pancakes - the Cheese & Potato Pancake is really working for them (and us). It may not be Asian-influenced, but it's still ticking all the right boxes. Highly acclaimed, the potato pancake is topped with a generous helping of melted cheese and whipped butter - a true dairy delight! Although the flavours are somewhat more subtle than those found in Asian cuisine, this is the ultimate comfort food for those without a sweet tooth - or a precursor to a pancake pudding, for those with one!

If you've got a penchant for pancakes but want to find something new, satiate your cravings right here on Deliveroo!

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