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  2. Slow Cooked: A Melbourne Guide to Succulent Lamb Shoulder
Slow Cooked: A Melbourne Guide to Succulent Lamb Shoulder

Slow Cooked: A Melbourne Guide to Succulent Lamb Shoulder

If lamb isn't our national dish, then it should be. Australians love lamb. Who doesn't love lamb? (vegetarians, we suppose... and lambs).

We roast it, have it with gravy, stick it on the barby, eat it with potatoes and put it on pizzas. However we cook it, there's one thing for sure, it has to be soft and succulent because you can't beat that melt-in-the-mouth lamb texture.

Here are our favourite ways to eat lamb shoulder in Melbourne.

1. On a Pizza at El Coco

This could possibly be the greatest way to eat lamb shoulder. Pizza is sensational nine out of ten times, and lamb is never bad, so El Coco hit a foolproof recipe when they decided to top one of their handmade pizza bases with lamb shoulder, caramelised onion, potato and sour cream. It's a meal on a pizza and it sounds incredible. They also do fries topped with pulled lamb shoulder, mozzarella and aioli. What's not to love?

2. In a Curry at La Di Da

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La Di Da specialise in Australian and international food, so what could be more Australian AND international than a lamb shoulder korma? Spice doesn't even have to be your friend. We know that people who order Korma do so to taste the flavour and not the chilli, and the lamb in this won't disappoint. You could even order a cocktail alongside, as La Di Da is also renowned for its exotic tiki drinks.

3. Qouzi at Mama Rumaan

If you haven't heard of Qouzi, you should have done. Hailing from Iraq, Qouzi is traditionally an entire lamb stuffed with nuts, currants and more lamb and served with rice. At Mama Rumaan, the concept is similar - however, it is served in more manageable portions. A slow cooked lamb shoulder is served with pomegranate, Middle Eastern spices, wheat and chickpeas, living up to Mama Rumaan's promise of Middle Eastern food with a modern twist.

4. Dunked into Tzatziki at Jimmy Grants

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Jimmy Grants serves up delicious and wholesome Greek food every day of the week, and the restaurant is quickly expanding, with a restaurant in Sydney recently opening to rave reviews. Sharing plates are becoming popular amongst Aussies with many people choosing to go out for a drink and share a plate or two. For their lamb plate, Jimmy Grants slow cooks lamb shoulder and serves it alongside a Greek salad, tzatziki and bread, which is great news if you like a good dunk. Once you've eaten your lamb, you can use your Greek bread to mop up any leftover tzatziki.

5. In a Roll at Prime House

Prime House are meat lovers who cater to fellow meat lovers, and they have an entire section of the menu dedicated to lamb. However, the best way to eat it is probably in one of their Prime Rolls served with spinach, pickled onions, mushrooms, cheese, herb mayonnaise, tomato relish, gravy, chilli sauce and chilli flakes. You'll find that that subtle spiciness of the chilli alongside the tanginess of the tomato and creaminess of the mayo are a great accompaniment to the rich flavour of the soft lamb inside your baguette.

With so many different ways to eat lamb shoulder in Melbourne, there's something for everyone, and a chance to experience all of the different flavours lamb can bring.  Why not try one of these lamb treats today on Deliveroo?

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