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Sour is the New Dough - Melbourne’s Best Sourdough Pizzas

Sour is the new dough - Melbourne’s best sourdough pizzas

Although you may have noticed a recent boost in the popularity of sourdough bread, did you know that this may very well be one of the first breads ever made? The method of dough-making dates so far back into the earliest years of modern history, that its true origin remains unknown - now that's what we call authentic!

The characteristic tartness to the taste and signature texture combine to make sourdough not only one of the most popular choices for pizza crust out there, but it's the healthiest option too! With no additions of milk, yeast, oil, or even a grain of sugar, sourdough bread takes the crown for being among the most natural of dough. Great for your digestive system, sourdough won't cause a spike in your blood sugar either!

Stone oven-baked and perfectly crisp, this luxurious gourmet-style pizza dough's tantalizing chars and ridges makes for a truly delightful pull-apart experience. Check out the best of the best in Melbourne today!

1. Sexy Truffle, A25 Espresso

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At A25 Expresso, they pride themselves in showcasing the very best ingredients and flavours old world Italian traditions have to offer. Thinking outside the box, this pizza joint aims to put their own twist on every authentically scrumptious dish prepared with the utmost care.

Among the most popular orders as well (and the house choice, so you know it's amazing) is the Sexy Truffle pizza, and it's as tempting as it sounds. This sourdough crust is generously layered with a truffle cream base, topped with oozing fior de latte cheese, Marsala mushrooms, ribbons of radicchio for a pop of colour, and finished off with deliciously crystallised parmesan shavings. This smoke-infused masterpiece with the alluring signature truffle scent is guaranteed to become your favourite!  

2. Hey Pesto!, SPQR Pizzeria

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When it comes to sourdough crust, the folks at SPQR Pizzeria really know their stuff! Offering a wide variety of Neapolitan-inspired recipes, their wood-fired sourdough pizzas are an absolute must-try. For the veggie lovers out there, take your pick of a wide variety of complex pairings guaranteed to make you "Mmm!" with joy.

Speaking of nutrition-packed pizzas, their Hey Pesto! choice is among the most notable in their white pizza section. This cream-based sourdough crust is smothered with a rich fresh pesto sauce beneath a bed of eggplant topped with bubbling Mozzarella di Bufala cheese and lightly toasted pine nuts. Fused together by the heat of roaring flames, this choice makes for a picture-perfect Neapolitan experience.        

3. Frutti Di Mare Pizza, 400 Gradi

Another one of Melbourne's prized sourdough havens with a Neapolitan vibe is none other than 400 Gradi, where they bring the best of Mediterranean coastal recipes straight to your plate. Their take on the Frutti Di Mare pizza, the self-proclaimed best pizza in Melbourne (and customers agree!) has got to be the most glorious display of seafood on a sourdough base you'll ever see.

With a delicious reduction of San Marzano tomato sauce, pulled apart Fior di Latte cheese, and a mouth-watering heap of Queensland prawns, scallops, shell-on mussels and clams garnished with strands of rocket- the ingredients speak for themselves. Not to mention how incredibly unique the pizza looks with all those shells piled on top! If you're ready for an explosion of flavour like no other, then 400 Gradi is without a doubt your next choice.  

4. Le 3 Carni, Eat'aliano by Pino​

Pino Russo debuts fine dining with a traditional charm bringing his vision of Italy's homemade recipes passed down through generations, handpicked and beautifully prepared right here in Melbourne's Eat'aliano. Pino's venture into Australia has proven very popular among pizza lovers everywhere as he brings with him the freshest flavours cucina Italiana has to offer.

Feeling the need for some protein power? The Le 3 Carni is every meat lover's delight. With Pino's handcrafted family sourdough recipe puffed to perfection drowned in authentic San Marzano sauce, heaps of mozzarella, and the star of the show: three toppings of Italian meats consisting of a salami, ham, and sausage toss. With Eat'aliano at your fingertips, you can experience true Italian flavours right in your very home!

Mix things up this movie night and delve into the glorious experience of wood-fired sourdough pizza delivered right to your front door with Deliveroo!

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