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Melbourne Is The Ultimate Dumpling Paradise - Here's Why!

Spots that make Melbourne the ultimate dumpling paradise

Everyone loves a good dumpling- those glorious hand-stuffed casings delicately filled with your choice of yummy goodies will guarantee to convert you into a believer!

Whether you're out exploring the native cuisine in China or fancy having it right at home, dumplings are sure to make it on the top of your favourite foods list. For those of you who are already devotees of the magic of dumplings, you're in luck! We've compiled some of the best of the best right here in Melbourne!

1. Wonder Bao

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A huge success since its initial opening, it's not uncommon to find crowds of hungry customers waiting in line to get their hands on some of Wonder Bao's heavenly dumplings. This isn't your average bite-sized Chinese treat: served as a fluffy, cloud-like steamed bun stuffed with a variety of authentic options to satisfy any craving, Wonder Bao might just become your new favourite lunch spot!

Some of the most popular orders include the scrumptious Da Pork Bao stuffed with eggs, shiitake mushrooms and Chinese sausages, or the fan-favourite Char Siu Bao stuffed with saucy barbeque shredded pork. There are veggie options that even meat-eaters can enjoy, like the Fried Silky Tofu specially cooked with sweet-soy sauce, crushed peanuts and delicious spicy soy sauce to keep those lips smacking.

2. Shandong Mama

Tucked away in one of the many alleys that make up Melbourne's bustling Chinatown is Shandong Mama. This charming restaurant has made quite the name for itself, known for serving the freshest dumplings around! It's named after owner Ms Hou's mother, Mrs Wang, referred to by everyone as Mama.

Serving delightful traditional recipes from their own hometown, Shandong Mama takes pride in their offerings, and everyone will tell you that they have the most amazing seafood dumplings without question. Hand-stuffed and homemade, their dumplings are bursting with coriander, cabbage, spring onions and fish. With some authentic tea available to go, this spot makes for a delectable Shandong experience right in your living room!

3. Ruyi Modern Chinese


Hailed as the best Chinese in Melbourne in 2017, Ruyi brings you an authentic taste of China with a modern twist. The incredible menu of mouth-watering dishes is a sight for hungry eyes and grumbling tummies! With specific dishes created for lunch and dinner, you're never pressed for variety here! Some of the more notable dumpling options include Bao Bao, served with their special Ruyi fried chicken wings or noodles with crispy Ruyi chicken. Topped with a savoury honey wasabi sauce, these are essentials for any Asian meal.

More importantly, their dumplings are out of this world! Greenvale pork, fresh chives and organic flour all stuffed into a tender casing are just what you need after a long day!

4. Oriental Teahouse


On the up in Melbourne with a more stylish edge, Oriental Teahouse cooks up everyone's preferred classics, including Siu Mai dumplings, a household fav!

Deliciously prepared and served along with their stomach-warming tea if you need an evening pick-me-up, the entire experience is truly marvellous. Fried prawn, scallop and pork, or crispy duck dumplings paired with a satay peanut chicken makes for a truly addictive meal, to say the least!

Grab a group of friends and check out some of Melbourne's best dumplings! Remember to skip the hassle and let Deliveroo bring it all to your doorstep!

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