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Brisbane Loves Teriyaki: These Dishes are the Reason Why

Brisbane loves teriyaki, and these dishes are the reason why

Teriyaki, you love it or you love it. There's nothing to be disliked about grilled meat or fish (or tofu if you are so inclined) drenched in a delicious sticky and sweet sauce. Pair it with rice, dribble it down your chin, it'll always taste good.

The term "teriyaki" actually refers to the way in which the meat is marinated, grilled and covered in soy sauce, and "teri" means "to shine". If you're not feeling hungry yet, then we're not sure how we can help, because our stomachs are rumbling.

Here is a collection of the best ways to eat teriyaki at some of the greatest Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

1. Teriyaki Chicken Roll from Sushi Jun

Sushi doesn't suit everyone. However, teriyaki more than often does. Try the teriyaki chicken roll at Sushi Jun for a teriyaki/sushi hybrid which is sure to be a hit with teriyaki lovers. It's  not an entirely Japanese dish, however, fusion cuisine is on the rise, and it's the cross-cultural gems that are the most exciting culinary prospects (of course, authenticity is delicious and important too.) For most, it's a gateway to the harder stuff, salmon rolls, tuna sashimi, but for teriyaki lovers, it is just an extension of their favourite food. Granted, it isn't covered in sticky sauce, but it is teriyaki, in one neat little roll.

2. Chicken Teriyaki Salad from Ginga Sushi Bar and Dining

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Chicken teriyaki isn't just for comfort food days, it can be a healthy choice too. The Chicken Teriyaki Salad at Ginga Sushi Bar and Dining is the perfect example of this. You'll get a marinated teriyaki chicken breast, served with a sticky, delicious teriyaki sauce, and a garden salad. One of your five a day AND chicken teriyaki - what's not to love? There's also a Salmon Teriyaki Salad for those who are keen to get their daily dose of Omega 3 - If you ordered both, you might turn into a superhuman.

3. Bulgogi from Sakana

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"Bulgogi...Well, that doesn't sound like Teriyaki!" you think. "It sounds more like a new environmentally friendly model of Italian car!" Fortunately, you couldn't be more wrong. Sakana serves a signature Teriyaki which is likely to make you think very differently about the dish in future. This Korean style teriyaki is served with Korean style sliced beef, and the chef's teriyaki soy sauce. What are you waiting for? Step out of your comfort zone! It'll still be sticky, glossy and delicious!

4. Teriyaki Chicken Ramen from Sunny Doll Sushi & Cuisine

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Don't worry, we're definitely back in the comfort zone now. We're so far into the comfort zone, we're falling down the back of the sofa. Not only do Sunny Doll do a great teriyaki chicken, they go one step further and submerge it in a delicious ramen broth. There's a reason that everyone and his son is eating ramen at the moment, and it's because these big steaming bowls of goodness are more comforting than your nana's hugs. Slurp it up, and enjoy the sticky, sweet teriyaki alongside the salty ramen - what they call umami in Japan!

For more oozy, sticky, teriyaki goodness head on over to Deliveroo where you will find all of these dishes and more!

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