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Story Behind The Dish: Ribs

The story behind the dish: ribs

Ribs have a special place in our hearts – and not to mention our stomachs. Whether you prefer them slow-cooked to perfection, or smoked over the coals of a flaming hot grill before being finished with a sweet and sticky sauce, we bet you've ordered ribs time and again. And you'll do just that over at Ribs And Rumps.

Ribs around the world

People have been cooking ribs for absolutely ages, with hunters roasting their catches over hot coals for centuries. In more recent history, ribs have been adopted by American, Chinese and – of course – Australian cuisine, and our favourite meat cut was met with slow cooking, marinades and flavour medleys that our ancestors could have never dreamed about.

Although traditionally they're taken from beef, pork, lamb or venison cuts, you can be far more adventurous depending on the country you're visiting. How about trying the impressive ribs of bison or African buffalo? Or, if you're feeling bold, look out for ostrich, crocodile and llama on foreign menus. Here in Australia though, most top quality steakhouses stick to tradition with beef and pork ribs.

Comparing your rib cuts

From the baby back to spare ribs and rib tips, there are all sorts of meaty goodies out there, but don't worry, we'll talk you through it.

At the top of the animal you'll find the baby back ribs, which are close to the backbone and just beneath the loin muscle. These are the tightly-packed, curved ribs with meat both between the bones and on top. And it's generally agreed that this cut gives the juiciest meat.  

Further down the spine you'll find the well-known spare ribs. These larger, flatter bones have more fat, which – when slow cooked – melts into the rest of the meat, locking in the flavour for a really indulgent feast.

Which will you order?

So, with your new-found rib knowledge, which will you choose? Will it be the smoked Beef Rib rack, the moist Baby Back Pork Ribs, or something sweeter like the 1kg lamb cut? For when we can't decide, we love the aptly named Ribs Ribs Ribs – a combination of basted pork shoulder riblets, beef and lamb ribs served up with chips and slaw.

And everyone knows that ribs are the best for sharing, and Ribs And Rumps get that too, so they came up with a whole sharing section on their menu. The Meat Magnificence serves four people, and you'll get all your favourite things, from beef and lamb cuts to an 800g 'Man 'O' War' beef rump.

Get in on the fun – check out Ribs and Rump's menu here on Deliveroo, and get all your favourite things straight to your door.

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