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Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With These 4 Perfect Vegan Puds

Get Your Sweet Tooth On - Four of Our Tip-Top Vegan Desserts  

We all need some sugar in our lives from time to time. Whether you're on the hunt for a midnight snack or simply craving something sweet after a long day's work, dessert is a dish best served delicious. From vegetarian to vegan, there's something for everyone at Deliveroo. We've got a list of the best, ready and waiting. From red velvet doughnut goodness to the mouth-watering taste of sticky taro rice, these vegan desserts are a treat for aficionados of any dietary style. So come on in, try a bite. Indulge those hungry little taste buds.  

1. The Liam Hemsworthy - Doughnut Time

The Liam Hemsworthy: red velvet, vegan cookies, cream frosting and a chocolate glaze drizzle. Oh, Mama. This one's a goodun. As beautiful as its namesake, this doughnut is the perfect ending to any evening out on the town. When you're in need of a pick me up, when you've got a longing like no other, come to Doughnut Time. Their kitchen masterminds will see you right from topping to sticky-fingered finish.  

2. Choc Banana Split - Alpine Gelateria Emporium

You scream, I scream - we all scream over Choc Banana Split from Brisbane's Alpine Gelateria Emporium. Vegan ice cream has been on the rise in recent years  and not without good reason. The fact is that it tastes great, looks great and is absolutely, undeniably creamy. Take two chocolate scoops, throw in halved banana, a banoffee slice and a smattering of crushed peanuts and why, you'll find you've got yourself a real rock-and-roll dessert. This split is certainly not to be split. Be selfish this time - some foods are too good to share.

3. Sweet Taro Sticky Rice - Oriental Healthy

Another oriental twist - this time from the wonderful menu of Oriental Healthy. Their sweet taro sticky rice is a sugar infusion that manages to land itself right up there with the best of them - we're talking Laotian-style steamed rice swept in coconut cream, a taro and banana leaf wrap and a final topping of roasted sesame. It's not a tub of vegan ice cream on the sofa in front of TV show repeats - no way. This one's a dessert to remember. This one is dessert with class.  

4. Raw Chocolate Caramel Cake - Health Nuts Organic

Cake! Made totally raw with all vegan ingredients, this slice of science tastes just as good as it looks. A product of the Health Nut Organic kitchen, the raw chocolate caramel cake combines coconut milk and coconut oil, cacao, cashews and almonds to form a triangle of nutty glory. Still loaded with as much flavour and indulgence as the real thing, this is one fabulously glacé dessert – so it's totally worth it.

Hankering for a third course? In need of some extra fuel for that skip in your step? Look no further. Order dessert direct through Deliveroo.

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