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Where are the Best Dumplings in Sydney? We Searched, and Here's What We Found

Where are the Best Dumplings in Sydney? We Searched, and Here's What We Found

Whether they're baked, boiled, simmered, or steamed, dumplings are simply delicious. That's why we scoured Sydney to bring you a list of the best dumplings around.

If you're already a dumpling fan, read on to find out where to get your fix. And if you've never tried dumplings before, we suggest you get yourself some... immediately.

What are dumplings?

Dumplings are a classic Asian dish that originated from Canton in China. They're little pockets of meat or veggies (or a mix of both) wrapped in a dough made of either flour, bread, or potatoes. These little pockets of joy can then be cooked in a variety of ways. Some are baked, some are boiled; they can be simmered, steamed, or even fried.

Similarly, dim sum is a selection of dumplings with various fillings, cooked in various ways. It's basically the collective name for dumplings. When you're ordering dumplings, you'll either want to order a dim sum dish (which is a dish comprising different dumplings) or order individual dumpling dishes from the dim sum menu.

So, onto the list...

1. Zilver Restaurant, Haymarket

Based on Pitt Street, Zilver Restaurant brings the classic flavours of Shanghai and Chiuchow to Sydney. Since undergoing renovation in 2016, the restaurant now combines classic Cantonese with bright and modern decor. Their dim sum menu includes over 120 different dumplings so you won't be short of choice here.

2. Fortune Village Chinese, Sydney CBD

Based on Clarence Street, Fortune Village Chinese perfectly combines traditional Chinese dim sum with more contemporary and modern flavours. Although they're not a dim sum restaurant, their dumplings are fabulous, serving as the perfect starter for a classic Chinese meal.

3. Dainty Dumpling House, Haymarket

If you're heading to the Market City Shopping Centre, you'll want to pop into the Dainty Dumpling House for a spot of lunch. The funky decor and the extensive dim sum menu make it the perfect place to try out different dumplings. Be sure to try out the chicken dumplings with XO sauce.

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So, now we've done the oh-so-difficult job of hunting out the best dumplings in all of Sydney, it's your turn to get tasting. Whether you're a meat-lover or a vegetarian, we can assure you that there's an enormous selection of dumplings on your doorstep.

Ready for dumplings? Order a couple for a snack or go all-out with a dim sum course on Deliveroo!

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