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  2. Chill Out With Ten of Sydney's Most Awesome Ice Cream Flavours
Chill Out With Ten of Sydney's Most Awesome Ice Cream Flavours

Chill Out With Ten of Sydney's Most Awesome Ice Cream Flavours

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" If this is a chant that you often hear from friends and loved ones then you're in the right city. That's because in Sydney we've got more than our fair share of fabulous ice cream and gelato joints – and many of them are pushing the boundaries of what exactly they can do with the flavours of this classic sweet treat.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different varieties out there to try but to save you some time, we've picked 10 of the most lip-lickingly delicious for you.

Crema Fiorentina

Our first pick comes from Riva Reno Gelato and is a very modern recreation of a 16th-century recipe devised to celebrate the completion of the Belvedere Fortress in Florence. It's an incredible blend of custard gelato and orange peel. In a word, magnifico!

Pistacchio di Bronte

Also from Riva Reno, it's pistachio ice cream like you've never tasted before. That's because the nuts which are only harvested every two years from a particular part of Italy give an especially intense flavour – and their roasting is personally overseen by the gelato makers themselves.

New York, New York

Third up from Riva Reno is a unique flavour inspired by the Big Apple and which captures its essence in a creamy combination of maple syrup from over the border in Canada and pecan nuts roasted and blended to give a very satisfying crunch.

Pannacotta with fig jam and amaretti biscuits

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Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Messina continues to innovate and surprise with the flavours on the menu. This is a great example that combines the lightness of pannacotta with the rich fruitiness of fig jam and the almondy crunch of the amaretti biscuits.

Macadamia crunch

The chefs at Messina have taken a more local approach with this one using Australian macadamia nuts and combining them with caramelised white chocolate to create a lighter kind of ice cream that's sure to leave you wanting more.

Peanut butter fudge with choc chips

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If it's a truly decadent dessert that you're after then the aptly named Gelatissimo may have the answer. Their peanut butter fudge with choc chips scores on so many levels that it's hard to pick out whether the rich fudge or the choc chips are its high point.

Green Tea

To prove that it's not all about indulgence and excess, Gelatissimo also produce this clean-living twist on green tea – but which still manages to satisfy the ice cream craving in us all - especially those who don't like their desserts overly sweet.

D'Oranged Chocolate

Ice cream makers N2 Extreme Gelato take a strictly scientific approach to flavours, cooking up ideas in their kitchen lab. This is one of their most recent creations featuring chocolate gelato, orange peel and honeycomb, all dusted with cocoa powder.

Bouncy Bounty

Another of N2's creations, this is positively bursting with coconut flavour.  It's more of a sorbet but it also has cocoa nibs, a chocolate coating plus a syringe of coconut ganache.

There you have them. Quite difficult to pick one, eh? Remember, there are literally thousands more interesting flavours out there on the streets of Sydney. Once you've given these a go, don't forget to experiment with the rest - it's imperative, with the summer coming up and so much tasty creativity in our city.

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