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  2. Rumbling tums deserve ramen! Whatever your choice of topping, there's a dish to suit in Sydney
Four super Sydney restaurants where ramen rules

Rumbling tums deserve ramen! Whatever your choice of topping, there's a dish to suit in Sydney

As one the world's oldest foods, noodles are globally hailed as a culinary triumph. Sydney has already cracked egg noodles, with Chinese restaurants all over the city offering a variety of egg noodle dishes from the OG kind to modern, innovative recipes. Now, Japanese restaurants have joined the fray, offering a wide range of traditional and contemporary sushi staples, seafood platters and, of course, ramen dishes. Today, we're focused on the latter, as ramen is one Japan's most famous cuisines, with a variety of flavours that ensures everyone will enjoy at least one recipe (but probably all of them).

1. Ichiraki Mayu Ramen

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Not to be mistaken for the fictional Ramen Ichiraku from the anime Naruto, this Rosebery establishment is a leading name when it comes to Sydney's Japanese restaurants. While they do offer curry, Teishoku and rice dishes, it's dishes like the Ichiraku Mayu Ramen that have made this restaurant so popular. This dish begins as a miso-based pork soup, before succulent pork belly, traditional Nitamago egg, spring onion, dried seaweed, bean sprouts and kikurage sliced mushrooms are added to the bowl, creating a ramen dish that's brimming with flavour and will meet all your comfort food needs.

2. Tonkotsu Ramen

Specialising in ramen is a bold choice for any Japanese restaurant, especially due to the sheer amount of ramen dishes there are. Fortunately, On Ramen is doing a pretty good job. Tonkotsu Ramen is a traditional, typical ramen dish that originated in Fukuoka. As with all ramen, Tonkotsu begins with the soup broth, before pork is added alongside the ramen noodles. Finally, the dish is topped off with ajitsuke tamago (a simmered egg) - unless you want to go all out and add other ingredients such as scallions, menma, nori or sweet corn! Tonkotsu Ramen is so diverse that getting it right for each and every customer can be quite tricky. But, thankfully, On Ramen has you covered.

3. Kara-age Ramen

Meanwhile, Goshu Ramen Tei have decided to offer a wide range of Japanese food to their customers and, even better, every dish is as healthy as it is delicious and there are plenty of vegetarian options available. As you may have guessed, Goshu Ramen Tei also offer plenty of ramen options, so whether you're looking for pork belly, seafood or chicken varieties you're sure to find one here. One particularly popular ramen dish is Kara-age Ramen, made with deep fried chicken. That's right, there's a ramen made with deep fried chicken! It's an unusual combo but we're absolutely loving it and we're sure you will too.

4. Teriyaki Salmon Ramen

Finally, we have Condor Japanese Noodle Restaurant, where there are a whopping 22 ramen meals to choose from. There are all the usual recipes, Ramen with Soy, Chashu Ramen and Vegetarian Ramen, as well as plenty of innovative dishes we didn't find at any other Sydney ramen restaurant. Take Condor's Teriyaki Salmon Ramen for example, made with noodle soup, pan-fried salmon and teriyaki sauce – we can't think of a dish that better epitomises Japanese cuisine.

For even more ramen dishes and Japanese cuisine, check out the Sydney restaurants serving them through Deliveroo.

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