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  2. Rough Week? Sydney's Mighty Loaded Fries Have Got You Covered    
Sydney's 4 Mightiest Loaded Fries

Rough Week? Sydney's Mighty Loaded Fries Have Got You Covered    

What better way to judge how your week is going than by the hunger in your stomach? Salty and sweet, little and large, these loaded fries are the pinnacle of American flavour. Maybe you need a lick of chilli and cheese meltdown in your life? A simple platter of parmesan and truffle fries? Whatever your tipple, here at Deliveroo we've assembled a list of the mightiest Sydney chip dishes around. Great alone and even better with burgers, these bad boys are ready for eating – so grab a napkin (or two) and dive in.    

1. Parmesan and Truffle Fries - Charlie and Co.  

Parmesan and truffle - a dusting of extra flavour on an already scrumptious set of crispy, golden shards. This load up certainly isn't as visually impressive as some of the others on our list, but don't let that fool you. Looks can be deceiving, after all. When it comes down to it this is one salty, savoury side dish that you can always rely on. It's simple, elegant and tasty. It's ripe for quashing those pesky mid-week cravings. So say thank you to the folks at Charlie and Co. for their potato mastery, lick your lips and get stuck in – with food as good as this, there's no sense in waiting around.      

2. Loaded Fries - Burgers Anonymous

Everyone loves a good plate of fries from time to time. Know what else everyone loves? Bacon. Draped in their signature B.A. sauce, the Burgers Anonymous side of loaded fries combines both into a daring endeavour of crunchy, messy goodness. For when your week needs a real boost. For when it's on the brink of being a total write off and bacon loaded fries are the only possible solution to your problems – that's when this serving comes into its own.    

3. Shoestring French Canadian - Lord of the Fries  

Shoestring fries - the perfect shape for shovelling. If you're the type who gets hands on with their food, who enjoys fistfuls at a time, look no further. Lord of the Fries are all set to serve you up a plate of shoestrings simply dripping in their luxury French Canadian sauce: shredded cheese and hot gravy. This is discount poutine with less curds and more on board flavour in every bite. No style judgements for how you eat here – just steaming hot carbs made with love.

4. Chilli Cheese Chips - Oporto  

Table manners are for chumps, chips are for winners. Whether you want to tackle this beast of a dish with knife and fork or the fingers of your own hungry hands, Oporto's chilli cheese fries remain the tastiest mess around. Served on a bed of deep fried golden fluff, their spicy loaded toppings will have your mouth watering from tables away. Warning - napkins definitely required when it comes to this Sydney special. There's no delicate way to eat a chilli cheese fry, but there is a right way: with gusto. Chow down and forget dignity. Embrace the taste.  

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