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  2. Prepare your taste buds for Sydney’s fieriest Chinese dishes!
Prepare Your Taste Buds for Sydney’s Fieriest Chinese Dishes!

Prepare your taste buds for Sydney’s fieriest Chinese dishes!

Chinese cuisine is among the most diverse, delicious and extreme foods from all over the globe! With fantastic stir-fry dishes, strange and exciting stews and so much more, it comes as no surprise that China has a dish suited to everyone's taste. For the chilli chomping champion in you, we've put together a guide of some of the hottest and most daring Chinese dishes right here in Sydney for you to order up and spice up your life today!

1. Spicy Tofu with Chilli Mince - Dainty Dumpling House

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First up on our guide of fiery feasts is the spicy tofu with chilli mince. A vegetarian dish from China, tofu can be cooked in an unlimited amount of ways, but none are better than when it's accompanied by searing spices or a blazing hot chilli mince to produce a vegetarian dish worthy of any challenge. The Dainty Dumpling House serves an authentic Spicy Tofu with Chilli Mince meal using fresh and healthy ingredients to provide a full blast of spicy-hot flavour guaranteed to have you sweating with joy!

2. Prawn Noodles in Hot and Spicy Sauce - Lynn Shanghai Cuisine

Prawns can be found as the main ingredient in countless dishes throughout the Chinese cuisine. A fantastic addition to our guide of spicy dishes is the Prawn noodles in hot and spicy sauce on offer at Lynn Shanghai Cuisine. Fresh and savoury prawns are seasoned and cooked with fun and chewy noodles in a spicy sauce bound to have you tearing up. A perfect dish for any daring customer curious enough, the mixture of prawn, noodles and a hot spicy sauce combine into a beautiful aromatic dish. Available at Lynn Shanghai Cuisine, among many other exciting and exotic dishes, be sure to check it out the next time you're craving some heat!

3. Kho Moo Yang - Spicy Prawn by Stir Crazy

Kho Moo Yang is another enticing spicy dish just waiting to be devoured! Pork neck is heavily marinated in traditional spices and then slowly grilled to a juicy, chewy perfection before being served with the perfect savoury-sweet balance of tamarind sauce. Kho Moo Yang is a popular dish at Spicy Prawn by Stir Crazy for its hot and wholesome flavours and satisfying after-burn. For meat and spice lovers, this combination is a perfect dish to sate any fiery itch you have for something spicy!

4. Szechuan Chilli Chicken Cubes - Hulu Crows Nest

A more common yet equally favoured dish is the Szechuan Chilli Chicken Cubes offered up by at Hulu Crow's Nest for your fiery desires! Fresh and succulent chicken is cut up into bite-sized cubes and fried to perfection with seasonings such as garlic, onions and bell peppers for a world of flavour. They are later stirred heavily in a savoury and spicy Szechuan chilli to give it that sensational kick with every bite - it's an absolute must-try for spicy-lovers! Be sure to check out Hulu's splendid dumplings and many other Chinese dishes. Bring the spicy adventure straight to the comfort of your home and enjoy any of these spectacularly spicy picks!

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