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Where to Find Sydney’s Best Soft Shell Tacos

It's taco time - Where to find authentic soft shell tacos in Sydney

Tacos have a special place in everyone's hearts (and bellies) no matter where you go. With endless styles, fillings and toppings available, there are some excellent Mexican restaurants in Sydney - the perfect taco is ready and waiting to be devoured!

These delicate morsels bursting with traditional Mexican flavours will always leave you craving more with each bite. If your mouth isn't already watering just thinking about it, then it's high time you check out the best tacos around Sydney and feel your tummy rumble!

1. Street-style Tacos, Dos Senoritas

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, Dos Senoritas offers a wide variety of fantastic and authentic Mexican dishes that people can't help but love. Their street-style taco has the traditional soft shell prepared similarly to that of a taco cart found in the bustling city centre of Mexico City! Soft and enticing corn tortillas are filled to the brim with tasty fresh rice and beans, thick guacamole, smothered in sour cream and garnished with shaved coriander for that refreshing crunch. With three award-winning tacos under their belt, from the Tex Mex to the Gringo style taco, it comes as no surprise as to why this taco joint has made its way to the top of our list!

2. Yucatan Mushroom Taco, Cantina Bar

Heavily inspired by street vendors in Mexico, Cuba, Spain and Portugal, Cantina Bar serves authentic dishes true to the homeland's cuisine for a real cultural experience to say the least. The taco menu is absolutely splendid, featuring great dishes like the Char Grilled Prawn taco or the Baja California Crispy Fish taco, all hand-rolled with tasty and indulgent ingredients. The Yucatan Mushroom taco puts a vegetarian twist on this Mexican marvel by hand rolling luscious Yucatan mushrooms in a soft flour tortilla and adding a tasteful, spicy adobe salsa, as well as green peppers generously drizzling in a fantastic avocado mayo. If you can't decide on which taco sounds more delicious, check out the Taco Tasting Board and order one of every taco on the menu!

3. Barramundi Tacos, Taqiza

From the heart of Mexico to the tummies of Sydney, Taqiza, literally meaning "taco party", pour every bit of that passion, beauty and fun that Mexico is known for into their delightful and riveting dishes. Full of fresh ingredients and vibrant colours, every meal served at Taqiza is exciting. The Barramundi Taco is an absolute must-try! This delight is made up of fresh and nutritious barramundi fish rolled up with relish and pickled cabbage to add just the right amount of sour and crunch to every bite. But that's not all - this taco masterpiece is topped with sweet pineapple salsa and pomegranate mojo, a signature Latin sauce that will knock your socks off! All this and more awaits your next chow-down if you haven't already flipped to their menu!

4. Chipotle Chicken Tacos, Salsa's Fresh Mex

Another great Sydney taco hub is Salsa's Fresh Mex. They whip up every meal as soon as your order is placed making absolutely sure every dish is as fresh and satisfying as the last. Salsa's Fresh Mex has an exhilarating, fully-loaded menu that keeps your options open, from eccentric burritos and heaping bowls to tasty and wholesome soft tacos. The Chipotle Chicken Taco is a soft roll flour taco with tender chipotle chicken buried in fresh vegetables, guac, and a generous helping of smoky chipotle mayo. Who could ask for more? At Salsa's Fresh Mex, you're guaranteed a full belly and a smile on your face every time!  

With any of these insanely good tacos an order away, go ahead and get Deliveroo to bring them to your doorstep!

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