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  2. A taste of the Middle East down under: 5 awesome Lebanese restaurants in Sydney
Awesome Lebanese Restaurants In Sydney

A taste of the Middle East down under: 5 awesome Lebanese restaurants in Sydney

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Sydneysiders love to feast on Lebanese food. And thanks to the booming international foodie scene here, there's no shortage of options when it comes to Lebanese eats. We've rounded up a few places for you to get to know.

1. Mint Lebanese

This little family-owned joint brings recipes from Northern Lebanon that have been in their genes for generations. It's delicious, rustic and all-out authentic. We love the Mixed Plate here for a taste of the best. With this wonder you'll find chicken, lamb and kafta skewers, garlic, tabouli, hummus and Lebanese bread.

Where: Mint Lebanese, Dee Why

2. Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria

These guys bring all the Middle Eastern flavours that we know and love to Italy's doughy superstar. So when you fancy Lebanese eats but you can't budge your craving for a pizza, this is the place for you.

The Vegan's Paradise is up there as one of our faves, with a fresh spinach mix, earthy mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes, olives, onion, garlic and aromatic oregano drizzled with biting tahini sauce. And you can even sub out the tomato base for za'atar – a traditional Middle Eastern spice blend – if you're going all out with your Lebanese feast.

Where: Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria, locations in Enmore and Marrickville

3. Hannibal Lebanese Restaurant

Hannibal is a Lebanese restaurant that has stood the test of time, surviving Sydney's foodie scene for more than 30 years. And when you look at goodies like their Fried Eggplant, you won't be surprised. Eggplant strips are lightly fried in olive oil topped with tart tahini dressing and yoghurt for dipping, it's a dish that's a must-try whether you're vegetarian or not.

Where: Hannibal Lebanese Restaurant, Glebe

4. Elissar Lebanese Restaurant

Meze at Elissar is our idea of a good time. This authentic Lebanese restaurant has a wide array of appetisers that are loyal to their etymological roots – meze comes from the Persian word mazze, meaning 'flavour'.

The Lady Fingers are one of the most popular items here – fried filo pastry is filled with a fragrant combination of haloumi, feta, mozzarella, onions and mint. But the Makanek, mildly spiced Lebanese sausages pan fried in garlic, are our favourite.

Where: Elissar Lebanese Restaurant, Maroubra

5. Eddie's Lebanese Eatery

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Vegetarians rejoice. Here's a place where your platter will make even the most ardent meat-eater jealous. It's laden with garlicky hummus, creamy baba ganouj, fresh tabouli, rich cheese sambousek – a mixture of feta, mozzarella, ricotta and zesty shallots – and crunchy spinach triangles packed with English spinach, cooked tomatoes, onion, sumac spice, biting lemon juice and smooth olive oil. But the highlights have got to be the chargrilled eggplant with garlic aioli and coriander, and falafel packed with fragrant parsley, coriander, onion, garlic and mixed spices.

Where: Eddie's Lebanese Eatery, Mortdale

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