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  2. Almond milk awakenings - 4 tasty vegan breakfasts to go nuts for
Almond milk awakenings - 4 tasty vegan breakfasts to go nuts for

Almond milk awakenings - 4 tasty vegan breakfasts to go nuts for

Maybe you're still going strong from Veganuary, or perhaps you're a seasoned pro when it comes to the whole plant-based thing. Either way, as a dedicated dairy ditcher, you're probably familiar with almond milk - the natural and nourishing alternative to the conventional animal kind. It wasn't that long ago it was the anomaly of the shopping aisle – but due to the massive increase in nut-milk demand, it's not so unusual to find everything from super-healthy organic cashew drinks to coconut chocolate shakes on the shelf. Most of us use some kind of milk as part of our morning routine, but when was the last time we stopped to consider the true tastiness potential of the humble almond? Well, for those fancying a little post-wake-up shake-up. Here's a little inspiration from some of Australia's top vegan-friendly breakfast take-outs, for a nourishing and indulgent moo-free morning.

1. Cocomama's Juices and Smoothies – Chocolate Rawnola

Who said vegans can't get their fix of chocolate cereal? Definitely not Cocomama's Juices and Smoothies – just take a look at their signature Chocolate Rawnola. No seriously, just look at it. Chilling there in all of its coconut yoghurt smothered, activated buckwheat glory. Featuring a thorough dusting of iron-rich cacao, creamy almond butter, vanilla, maple syrup and a bunch of fresh and dried fruits – this bowl packs some serious plant-based power for the day ahead. Not only that, but take a dig inside and you'll come across the humble Himalayan goji berry, an antioxidant powerhouse proven to boost energy levels and perform wonders for the skin. The finishing touch though, has to be a drenching of almond milk, made lovingly in house by the Cocomama's team. Finally, a morning chocolate fix to feel good about.

2. Aunt Maggie's - Nut Milk Soaked Porridge Oats

Porridge is eaten all over the planet due to its simplicity and abundance of health benefits. As a complex carbohydrate, energy is released into the body at a slow and sustainable rate. Meaning you'll feel fuller for longer – and can dodge the sugar crash that often comes with sweeter, more conventional cereals. In the right hands, the humble oat can be transformed into one of the most creamy, chunky and nourishing breakfasts around. No matter if it's a long day at the office, or your Monday-morning run, Aunt Maggie's have you covered with this one. Rolled organic oats are lovingly left to soak and soften overnight, absorbing and filling themselves with the nutty taste of the almond milk. If that wasn't enough – the softened oats are then topped with crunchy cacao nibs, sweet seasonal fruits and fresh frozen berries. Excited for tomorrow morning yet?

3. Raw & More – Blended Espresso Smoothie

Coffee, Java, Joe, Go-Juice, Dirt or whatever you call it – some of us just can't morning without it. We hear you on that one. But there's more to life than the same-old pot of black to get the sun-rise juices flowing. In which case, we'll be grabbing a Blended Espresso Smoothie from Raw & More. Is it vegan? Check. How about gluten free? Check. Bound to give us that much needed kick-start to our morning commute? Well, the clue is certainly in the name there. Plus – who doesn't love the practicality of a smoothie? They're perfect for when you're on the go. Simplicity is the key to this breakfast's success – a shot of rich espresso provides the buzz; dark-sticky dates handle the sweetness; and a healthy dose of almond milk delivers the thirst-quenching nutty goodness. We'll take two-to-go please.

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4. Charlie's Raw Squeeze – Salted Caramel NiceCream

Ditching dairy can often be bitter-sweet for some, especially those with a slight obsession with ice-cream or fro-yo. If you haven't heard of NiceCream and you're one of those guys, your life is about to be changed forever. Introducing Charlie Raw Squeeze's Salted Caramel NiceCream – the super indulgent bowl of crystallized fruity goodness you never even knew you needed! It isn't your conventional breakfast, but rules are meant to be broken – so let's tuck in. Frozen banana is whipped up with almond milk to create an "ice-cream" style base – before being topped with crunchy walnuts. Himalayan salt is then used to bounce off the chilled-banana for a caramel edge. Containing zero refined sugar, dairy or gluten – it's almost a crime to say no. Who knew that with a certain level of creativity the tiny almond could go such a long way? So, next time a co-worker says living dairy-free must be a bore, just show them what you had for breakfast. Guaranteed food envy for sure.

However, if you're in too much of a hurry to make these yourself or simply don't want to get out of bed – you can count on Deliveroo to come through with the morning goods, straight to your door.

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