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Discover the Best Halal Meals in Sydney

The tastiest halal meals in Sydney

Finding the best halal food in Sydney is no longer a problem. You can pick from a delicious range of nibbles and meals when you choose to order a halal takeaway with Deliveroo. In fact, by doing this you will get to choose from the likes of Indian, Malaysian and other exciting international cuisines. Don't waste time trying to find food that suits you when it is so easy to do online.

1. Halal Snack Pack Sub - Lord of the Fries

The Lord of the Fries restaurant is packed with a huge selection of fries and burgers. It is certainly a very tempting menu and their terrific Halal Snack Pack Sub is a stand-out. There is also a good selection of vegetarian options here if you prefer. The likes of the Double Trouble Burger and the New Guru Burger are just two more examples of the terrific taste Lord of the Fries dishes pack. There are plenty of sauces to choose from too, such as the Aussie, the American, the Indian and the African.

2. Railway Mutton Curry - Masala Bowl

Another way of getting a top quality halal meal in Sydney is to check out the menu at the Masala Bowl restaurant. This place has a great selection of dishes that you can enjoy at just about any time of day. The Railway Mutton Curry is a classic choice. It is a fairly simple meal that has an interesting history, as this is based on the typical meal that used to be served in the first class carriages of Indian trains in the Colonial era. If you like to sample exotic dishes such as Thai Green Curry, then you will love this. You can also choose from a big range of vegetable and rice dishes here too.

3. Malaysian Beef Curry - Malacca Straits

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We love the excellent choice of Malaysian dishes at Malacca Straits. Among the top meals here are the Malaysian Beef Curry, the Hainanese Poached Chicken and the Angel Hair Chicken. Seafood dishes include Prawn Sambal and Fish Fillet Curry. If you prefer a vegetarian option then the Pan Fried Vinegar Eggs and Malaysian Vegetable Curry are well worth taking a look at. To get you started the entrees cover treats such as Beef Murtabak, Fish Parcels and Vegetable Curry Puffs.

4. Signature Lamb Burger - Point 99

All of the food at Point 99 is sourced from verified halal sources, meaning that you can choose from the full menu with complete confidence. In this way, you can pick from dishes such as Classic Angus Beef Burger, Grilled Chicken Burger and Lamb Pumpkin Salad. The House Specials on the menu include tremendous stuff like the Mediterranean Skewers, Chicken Schnitzel and Grilled Barramundi. You can also choose from a range of kids' meals as well as all day healthy meals. For something truly special you might want to try the Signature Lamb Burger, which is a chargrilled lamb pattie with melted cheese, lettuce, beetroot, tomato, caramelised onions, BWQ and their own 99 sauce.

Make a great choice for your next meal by discovering the best halal dishes and nibbles in Sydney with the help of Deliveroo.

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