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4 Onion Friendly Dishes In Sydney

Let Your Mouth Tell The Real Story Of Sydney’s Flavoursome Onion Dishes

A dish without onion is like a burger without a patty – flavourless, bland and something is definitely missing. Who doesn't like the scent of frying onions wafting in from the kitchen? This layered, tangy ball gives food that extra oomph with delicious tastes and smells that will have your taste buds thanking you. And they hold great health benefits too, like preventing cancer, regulating blood sugar, reducing inflammation and many more.

Cuisines all over the world swear to the use of onion in their dishes. Using it in a savoury dish like French onion soup is brings out the crazy flavour slam, which pairs perfectly with the warmth and comfort a soup should always have. But why stop there? It's not the only dish where the great onion flavour can be tasted and savoured. Want to try some new and exciting dishes that include the humble allium cepa? Then wipe those tears because we've got the goods. We've rounded up some Sydney restaurants whose dishes will satisfy your onion needs.

1. Soft Shell Crab with Caramelised Onions

Zeus is known for having a versatile menu. They have everything from greasy food to cure that stubborn hangover or healthier options that are just as flavoursome. Here you can treat yourself to their Soft Shell Crab, which is lightly fried and served with a mix of Aegean slaw, coriander, sweet chilli and preserved lemon mayo. But to really perfect this one, they slowly caramelise onions and lay them on thick, making it the ideal plate if you've got a bit of a sweet tooth. If you are really an onion-lover, go one step further: add some extra onions or any sauce of your choice.

2. Wagyu Brisket Risotto Cooked in White Onion

If you're looking for juicy pizzas, perfect pasta and a good vibe then Blackbird Café should be top of your to-try list. Besides their pizza and pasta, they're serving up a mean fusion rice dish in the form of their Wagyu Brisket Risotto, which is cooked in white onion and mushrooms. The flavour of our star ingredient pervades the soft rice, complementing the tender wagyu beef, and all is finished off with bone marrow and beef stock to give us this flavour bowl of dreams.

3. Onion Bhaji Bites With Mint Dipping Sauce

Are you up for some spicy Indian street food? Good, because this Onion Bhaji from The Spice Room is second-to-none when it comes to onion bites. You can share a plate if you like but we think this one's good enough to devour all by yourself. First, they stir the onion slices in chickpea batter then fry them in patties till they're golden, crispy and almost too good-looking to eat – almost. To top it all off, a deliciously tangy tamarind sauce is the onion's perfect partner in crime, cleverly contrasted with their creamy mint dipping sauce.

4. Spӓtzle in a Cheesy Onion and Garlic Sauce

Sometimes German pasta can be better than Italian, ja ja? The delightful thing about the Germans is, they take everything to a decadent new level. As far as pasta perfection goes, this Essen version featuring pulled pork, spinach, cream, garlic, chilli and of course onion and cheese is new but comfortingly simple and very hard to beat. Prefer a no-meat option? Try the mushroom alternative: seasonal mushrooms and porcini oil are the stars in this cheese and cream sauce with an infusion of garlic and onion. What a tangy treat!

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