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Four tempura treats to try in Sydney

Tempura treats to tuck into while tanning in Sydney

It may not be the epitome of healthy eating, but it's hard to deny that deep-fried and battered foods are essential indulgences from time to time. If you like a light and crispy batter, tempura is the coating you're after. Originating from Japan, you can find a whole host of ingredients, including prawns and a variety of vegetables, temptingly coated in the delicious batter. There are so many great eateries around Bondi Beach tempting their customers with tempura treats. How about ordering some of these great snacks next time you head down to the famous sun spot to work on your tan?

1. Prawn Tempura

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Prawn Tempura is a Japanese classic and it is done perfectly at Soy Japanese. The restaurant is famous for its ambitious dishes such as the Sarikyo Salmon Miso and the yummy Yakitori. But while pushing the boundaries of this amazing Asian cuisine, the chefs here also take time to get the simple things spot on. Prawns are the perfect ingredient to be coated in tempura as the light batter perfectly compliments the delicate meat inside and here they come in sets of four. This is a perfect light bite to share with a friend before you indulge in all the other delights to be had here.

2. Spicy Prawn Tempura Rolls

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If you feel like taking tempura prawns to the next level, you have to try these Spicy Prawn Tempura Rolls from Raw Bar. They are one of the restaurant's signature rolls and also among the most popular items on the menu. These inventive pieces of sushi consist of tempura prawns, lettuce, cucumber and spicy jalapeno mayonnaise. All these wonderful ingredients are rolled together and topped with crunchy tempura flakes. Is this one of the most heavenly sushi options on offer in Sydney right now? You need to try them for yourself.

3. Dynamite Prawns

Thailand is renowned for its love of tempura and it isn't hard to find battered prawns on most menus in the country. At Thainabox, they take tempura prawns one step further with their aptly named Dynamite Prawns. These sensational snacks are served with a chilli and pepper sauce that gives them an incredible kick. It's like an explosion of flavour in your mouth with every bite! It might be wise to keep the water close to hand, though, because these are pretty spicy.

4. Angry Onions

If you're feeling like pure indulgent comfort food, Hungry Jacks is one of the best options around. The mouth-watering American cuisine is so satisfying that you should reward yourself with it every now and then. For a day at the beach, burgers may seem a bit too heavy and filling, though. But there are some other excellent options for those who fancy a lighter bite. The Angry Onions, for instance, are slightly spicy tempura onion rings – perfect for picking away at. Go on, have a cheat day.

Order these light, crispy, tempura temptations for your next beach trip and take your tanning time to the next level with Deliveroo.

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