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Green Curry or Pad Thai? Our Top 7 Thai Dishes to Try in Sydney

Green Curry or Pad Thai? Top 7 Thai Dishes To Try In Sydney

Sydney is blessed with some of the best Thai food in the world. Thanks to the people of Thailand sharing their culture with the city, there are some absolutely fantastic restaurants out there.

1. Lab Mool Kai (Chicken Minced Salad)

Thanon Khao San, Haymarket

We've tried and tested this chicken minced salad from Thanon Khao San, and it's the most refreshing dish around. It's light enough for a lunch, but it works equally for dinner as well. The line is always out the door, which means that you just know it's good.

2. Cashew Nut Stir-Fry

Kindness Cafe

It's easy to see why this place is so popular among ethical eaters. Thanks to the consideration of dietary requirements that Kindness Cafe cater to, they can well and truly give themselves a pat on the back. Would you believe that all of their curries are totally 100% vegetarian or even vegan? This cashew nut stir-fry is packed with flavour, which means that it'll go down well with meat-eaters alike.

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3. Panang Curry

@Bangkok, Haymarket

Panang curry has been loved across the world, but especially in its native Thailand where its story began. At @Bangkok, it comes in the form of a delicious thick and creamy red curry with pork, served with a healthy helping of kaffir leaves. The restaurant is contemporary and edgy, so expect a new approach to an old fave.

4. Lamb Yang

Capital Thai, Haymarket

The flavours are strong but not overbearing in this delicious, meaty dish from Capital Thai. A char-grilled marinated lamb cutlet, with mixed vegetables and a special Thai dressing, really allow this dish to come into its own. The meat is tender, yet the overall effect is still very filling.

5. Massaman Beef Curry

Chimney Thai Bistro, CBD

This absolute classic curry featuring beef as the star of the show is especially popular at the super-hip Chimney Thai Bistro. With a bit of a twist, you'll find sweet potato replacing regular ones, giving added taste and style. The dish hails from Indian cuisine and, given its thick richness, you'll soon see the influences.

6. Green Curry

Silom Soi Song, Darlinghurst

You really can't go wrong with a good green curry. Coconut milk, vegetables, peppercorn, and herbs all combine to give a kick to this dish from Silom Soi Song, which can then be customised if you want to add meat. It's mild enough to appeal to even the most inexperienced taste buds in Sydney, but it's still absolutely delicious.

7. Pad Thai Goong Sod

Tawandang, Haymarket

Pad Thai can be prepared in such a variety of ways but, at the end of the day, if the fried rice is right, that's the main thing. Prawns, bean curd, dried shrimp, and spicy tamarind sauce really make this come into its own. The flavours are bursting, and the seafood adds a layer of freshness from Tawandang that you might not have experienced with this dish before.

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There are so many amazing Thai restaurants in Sydney to try on Deliveroo, that it would take forever to get through them all. But, if you can, you really should!

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