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Ultimate Thai Starters in Brisbane

Time for Thai - Ultimate Thai starters to get your chops into

Thai food is delicious and sophisticated. The flavours are often complex and spicy and the creaminess of the curries makes it a great comfort food. Choose from flavourful rice dishes such as Pad Thai, or a brightly coloured Thai curry. But have you been so focussed on the main course that you've forgotten how wonderful the starters can be? Thai food's origins in street food have given way to some great little dishes that you can enjoy alongside or before your main meal, and may even open your eyes to some new flavours...

1. Chicken Satay from Groove Train

Groove Train isn't strictly a Thai restaurant. However, the menu balances the perfect East meets West flavour fusion. Taking influence from around the world, Groove Train serves a fusion so unique that you could try something new every time, and the versatile menu means there is something for everyone. Share a chicken satay for a great starter that everyone can get stuck into. The sweet peanut sauce on a satay dresses the chicken well and brings out the best of the juicy flavour from marinating and grilling the meat.

2. Moo Ping from Lanna House Thai Restaurant

Lanna House Thai Restaurant boasts a diverse menu of authentic Thai cuisine. The list of appetisers is incredible, and if you've never tried Moo Ping before, then now is your chance. A little like chicken satay, Moo Ping is slices of grilled pork served on a skewer. It will go really nicely with the Shiraishi chilli sauce and roti bread for an entree which will leave you ready for your main course. Once you've polished that off, you might look to something a little lighter. The Paw Paw salad is only served in Summer and is served with crispy fish.

3. Chicken and Crab Spring Rolls from Thai Siam

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Thai Siam specialises in fresh Thai and Cantonese cuisine. Classic Thai flavours are at the centre of the menu, and their Chicken Pad Thai is a popular dish. You'll find it difficult to go hungry at Thai Siam, as their list of starters looks mouthwatering. The Chicken and Crab Spring Rolls are a wonderful mix of both chicken and crab encased in a crispy pastry, so when you bite into the roll, you get the perfect combination of crunchy pastry and gooey, flavoursome filling.

4. Coconut Cala Ring from Ruean Phae

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Ruean Phae's signature dishes put a little twist on well known Thai classics, and also includes some delicious gems which will ensure that you're eating something a little bit special. For starters, try the Coconut Cala Ring: Deep fried calamari, with a crispy shredded coconut coating. It works perfectly alongside a sweet Thai dipping sauce, such as the house chilli and peanut dip, and the coconut coating will feel like a much lighter alternative to a batter, which compliments the squid well. If that doesn't fill you up, then try the deep fried ice cream for a super sweet and squidgy dessert.

If you need any more proof that the main dish isn't the main event, then head on over to Deliveroo where you'll find all of these dishes and more.

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