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  2. The (surprisingly) amazing history of toast and four of the best ways to try it
Take a Trip Through the Annals of History to Learn All About Toast 

The (surprisingly) amazing history of toast and four of the best ways to try it

Toast is a breakfast staple the whole world over. The perfect thing to boost your early morning energy levels and keep you powering through until lunchtime, it's terrifically tasty comfort food that never disappoints. No wonder we've been eating it for the last 6,000 years! First developed by the Egyptians, before the Romans took the idea and spread it throughout Europe, toast works just as well first thing in the morning as it does as a midnight snack, which might just explain its enduring popularity. Plain toast, toast sandwich, toast with jam, butter, marmalade - you name it, there's a toast for you! But first let us teach you a little more about its history.

It all began with the Egyptians  

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Toast was first invented around six millennia ago, in the arid desert conditions of Egypt. It was first developed as a means of preserving bread so that it didn't end up becoming hard and unpleasant to eat in the heat of the Egyptian climate but soon became very popular. And not just amongst the locals - their Roman visitors loved it, too. If you need any explanation as to its appeal, we suggest trying the Wood Fired Fruit Loaf from Toasted to see for yourself.

The Romans spread the idea around Europe

In fact, the Romans loved toast so much they took the idea from Egypt and spread it throughout Europe. In fact, our modern word for it actually comes from its original Latin name, "tostum", which translates as "to scorch" or "to burn". Seeing as not all of us enjoy our tostum too heavily incinerated, it's a good job that eateries like 212Blu have refined its preparation in the intervening years! Their gorgeous 212 Toastie is a perfect case in point.

Then the Victorians invented toasters

Toast remained massively popular throughout Europe and the New World all the way through to the Victorian era when Alan MacMasters invented the first electric toaster. In doing so, he breathed a new lease of life into this old favourite. Available from 1893, but really taking off from about 1909 onwards, these new-fangled inventions were soon found in homes across the globe. The Sandwich Bar's Raisin Toast with butter is divine a toast example that would make the Victorians proud.

And everyone started to experiment!  

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The invention of toasters very much re-popularised toast as a snack. Everyone from housewives to chefs to first-time cooks experimented with various ways to elevate it, turning it into everything from side dishes to toast sandwiches to an afternoon tea staple. Their work was not in vain! We now have so many amazing new toast-based inventions on menus around the globe, as you can see from the three gorgeous dishes we've already recommended to you. But if you want to take it back to basics, the Beast Bowl from THR1VE is well worth a try the next time you fancy a toast-based breakfast to beat all others.

So, which of these terrific toast dishes are you going to try first? We think 'all of them' is probably the answer you're looking for. Hit them up, on Deliveroo.

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