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To dip or not to dip? How to eat Australia's tastiest hummus

Hummus - uniting us in our love for it, yet dividing us on how best to eat it. Do you spread or dip?

Hummus is one of the world's most beloved - well, we're not sure if it's a dip or a spread, and that's one reason we're discussing it today. A Middle Eastern culinary classic, it is prepared primarily with mashed chickpeas, it's flawlessly blended with tahini, olive oil, salt and citrus to create that iconic wholesome taste. It's a refreshingly appetising companion to any meal and it's irresistible. Hummus packs a whole lot of flavour with every guilt-free bite, but there's one thing dividing the hummus-loving masses: is it a dip, a spread or both? Let's take a closer look, checking out these delicious hummus twists and enjoying our favourites along the way!

Let's just dip right in

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Falafel is arguably hummus' best friend. Mashed into a paste and loaded with Middle Eastern spices, chickpeas are fried to a golden crisp delivering an epic crunch like no other. Over at Sabbaba, the Falafel Plate is a mega-vegan-mix of falafel and fresh green herbs, paired with a refreshing salad and four dips - hummus included. Hummus adds an uplifting flavour with every dunk, whether devoured with cabbage and pickles, with hot, crisp falafel or enjoyed with freshly-baked pita bread - you can't go wrong whatever you choose.

Another great way to enjoy the wonder that is hummus is by trying out Mama Rumaan's Mezze Dips, a heavenly assortment of veggie dips such as baba ganoush, jajik and, of course, their own hummus. Creating a melting pot of flavours perfect for satisfying those munchies, crunchy pitas garnished with za'atar spices are served alongside for a fun and healthy choice sure to have you ordering seconds.

Spread it all out

Hummus doesn't just work as an accompanying dip, but also as a spread adding a vibrant twist to sandwiches, burgers and plenty more. Possibly the most popular thing on which to spread it is the shawarma, a Levantine concoction of meat. Over at Shawa Grill, the Lamb Shawarma Roll is a prime example of a sandwich acting as the perfect base for a hummus layer: with juicy shredded lamb complementing the tastes of our beloved crushed chickpea spread, this wrap shows off a tower of extra toppings including pickled cucumbers, onions, molasses, tomato and more, making every bite better than the last.

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Yummba delivers an incredible pita pocket dubbed the Falafel Pita, a glorious fresh slice of pita bread stuffed to the brim with six piping hot falafel portions buried in classic mezze toppings. Hummus, of course, joins tahini, baba ganoush and a zesty salad topping with red cabbages and pickles for a powerful breakfast bite or a delicious lunch pick-me-up. Capturing the best of a classic mezze spread in the form of a tasty hand-held treat, you're guaranteed to hit the spot every time!

So after all this heated debate, we're sitting on the hummus fence here - dipped or spread, this chickpea chomper tantalises our taste buds regardless. We hope the options above have given you plenty of food for thought, but we know you'll enjoy whatever you decide to order. 

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