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3 Of the Most Incredible Pizza Places In Perth

Get a Pizza This! 3 Incredible Pizza Joints in Perth

Pizza is a staple all around the world, and Perth is no exception. How could anyone resist a crisp pizza base loaded with rich tomato, stringy cheese and all the toppings you could want? And then there's the range of toppings available; are you a meat maniac, a veg vulture or a cheese champions? There is such a huge number of great pizza options to choose from in our fair city.

In fact, this little corner of Australia has provided hungry Perth residents with a host of exciting pizzerias boasting succulent flavours and styles of cooking from all over Italy.

We've got a treat in store for you, with three of our favourite local pizza joints guaranteed to leave your mouth watered and your mind blown, whether you fancy a trip out or you want to stay at home and enjoy the authenticity of Italy from your front room. Buckle up for three of the best places to grab a pizza in Perth!

1. Alfred's Pizzeria

Alfred's is a cocktail bar and pizzeria located in a downstairs basement and exudes all sorts of cool. What makes Alfred's Pizzeria great? They care about cocktails and have all sorts of great booze in their downstairs bar. How about their Frisky pizza, made with prosciutto, rocket and truffle ricotta, or their Peachy pizza with peaches, mushroom, rocket and blue cheese? The flavour combinations at Alfred's are something special, and they don't overcomplicate anything with sides or appetisers, just simple, great pizza


2. Dough Pizza

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Located on William Street Northbridge, Dough Pizza focusses on great Italian flavour inspired by the pizzerias of Naples. Pizzas are cooked in wood-fired ovens and have a signature charred base and rich tomato sauce. In true Neapolitan style, their pizzas are split into "Bianche" and "Rossa" to denote those pizzas with a tomato base and those without. Their slightly misshapen bases only add to the handcrafted authenticity, and there are so many incredible flavours to choose from.

Using burrata cheese (a little like mozzarella) and prosciutto, they create an authentic Italian flavour combination which feels fresh, due to the burrata being left raw and the chewiness of the prosciutto. Their Calzone Bomba is a force to be reckoned with. A sandwich of Gorgonzola cheese, Fior Di Latte and a selection of salami, the tanginess of the Gorgonzola will perfectly complement the creaminess of the Fior Di Latte and salty salami. Umami!

3. Lalla Rookh Bar and Eating House

Lalla Rookh's beautiful cuisine is a gem in Perth. Not only is the pizza fantastic, but the Italian cuisine that surrounds it is unique and definitely something you should try. Gone are the days of garlic bread appetisers, Lalla Rookh serves delicious sharing plates of meats, grilled fish and authentic Italian breads. For something a little different to start, try the Ox tongue skewers with marjoram and oregano. When you're ready for a pizza, the flavour combinations couldn't be more interesting, and every option can be made gluten-free. try the Swiss brown, oyster mushroom, thyme and tallegio pizza for a nutty, earthy dish which will transport you to Italy and back. There's chocolate salami for dessert, so make sure you have room!

Mouth watering? We know, right? Head on over to Deliveroo to order your pizza now: Bellissimo!

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