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  2. Trendy turmeric - five easy ways to spice up your life  
Turmeric Is more than a trend, it could be a life saver

Trendy turmeric - five easy ways to spice up your life  

Turmeric's popularity as an ingredient has boomed in recent years, appearing in all sorts of cuisine all over Australia and the rest of the world. It isn't just the spice's colourful yellow hue that has encouraged chefs to include turmeric in their dishes though - it also has a number of health benefits. Turmeric has bioactive compounds known as curcuminoids, natural antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.

Recent studies also suggest these bioactive compounds can have an impact on brain function and can even lower the risk of brain-related diseases. Needless to say, we can see why turmeric is becoming so popular! So, breakfast, lunch or dinner, here are five excellent ways in which you fit more turmeric into your day get all of these trendy, tasty, healthy nutrients into your system!

1. In a Juice

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As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it should absolutely include turmeric, which is why Pressed Juices offers a number of juices featuring the spice. Based in Sydney, where breakfast is big, one of Pressed Juices' most popular options is the Earth 5, packed full of fruits and vegetables including carrot, orange, pineapple, celery, lemon and, of course, turmeric. This juice has been specifically created to help repair any health issues you may be suffering from and will no doubt set you up for a great day.

2. In Pancakes

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Still, we can't get through the whole morning on juice alone, which is why eateries like Pineapple Express in Brisbane have added some turmeric-based brunches to their menu. The Turmeric and Lemon Protein Pancakes at Pineapple Express are just what the doctor ordered, with nutritious bananas, toasted coconut and berry compote on the side for that extra boost.

3. In a Latte

For many of us, it doesn't matter how many nutrients or vitamins we pack into our morning meals – only caffeine will really perk us up. Well, never fear as Sydney's 212Blu offers a mid-morning coffee that'll give you a boost in more ways than one. Their Turmeric Latte has all the health benefits of any other spicy concoction, plus that hit of caffeine we all need from time to time.

4. In a Vietnamese Salad

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Once lunch rolls around you need something big enough to keep you going and there are plenty of turmeric options to choose from. At Vietnamese restaurant Misschu in Melbourne, for instance, there's a scrumptious Turmeric Chicken Breast Vermicelli Salad cooked in pure olive oil along with finely sliced red cabbage, carrot, coriander and cucumber for a truly fresh and healthy salad. Salads are becoming ever more popular in Melbourne and this option is perfect if you're yet to incorporate turmeric into your daily diet. And you're sure to get all the other vitamins and minerals you need from this whopper of fresh fruit and veg, too!

5. In a Cambodian Curry

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Finally, we're sticking around in Melbourne for our dinner as Cambodian Street Food restaurant Bopha Devi has some great examples of turmeric dinner dishes. Just one of these is their Amok, a traditional steam fish curry featuring coconut cream, lemongrass, lime leaves and - you guessed it - turmeric. With an omega 3 boost in addition to the healing properties of turmeric, you'll be feeling right as rain.

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