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From Pizza To Thai, Have It All With Melbourne’s Best Vegan Dishes

Vegan And Varied - 4 Fantastic Delights From Vegan Restaurants In Melbourne

It's no secret that Melbourne offers some of the most delicious and health-packed vegan dishes around. These days it isn't whether or not you can find a vegan restaurant in Melbourne but which one to choose! Never miss out on all the tasty fun with fantastic dishes like pizza, smoothies and so much more prepared with completely vegan-friendly ingredients to deliver a whole world of flavour. If you're ready to go beyond vegetarian and explore the best vegan restaurants Melbourne has to offer, check out our list of essentials to be tried.

1. Creamy Spicy Vegan Noodle Soup - Tamra Siam

First up on our list of vegan delights comes from Tamra Siam, a fantastic Thai restaurant serving authentic curries, Pad Thai and oh so many more delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy. The Creamy Spicy Vegan Noodle Soup presents a portion of rice noodles served in a spicy yet creamy curry seasoned with garlic, ginger, spicy chilli and crunchy cashew nuts. Fresh coriander, bean sprouts, mixed veggies and fried tofu complete a noodle soup perfectly designed to satisfy any craving. Those looking for an extra kick to their dish won't be disappointed with the Creamy Spicy Vegan Noodle Soup. An absolute must-try.

2. Bianca Vegan Pizza - Red Sparrow Pizza

Rising up as Melbourne's first all-vegan pizzeria, Red Sparrow Pizza presents a plant-based assortment of delicious dishes using the highest quality ingredients available. A highly recommended pie is the Bianca Vegan Pizza, a fantastic freshly-baked white base garnished with a rich garlic confit, melted mozzarella, potatoes, leek and rosemary. This is the perfect pizza to satisfy your comfort food cravings. Completely vegan, the Bianca Pizza is an essential for any vegan's favourites list!

3. Superfood Detox Salad - Crisp

If you're looking for a lighter but equally delicious nutrient-packed dish to kick back and enjoy, look no further than Crisp's vegan-friendly salads. Packed with everything you need to keep yourself feeling healthy and full, the Superfood Detox Salad does what it says on the tin. Deliciously marinated tofu is mixed with fresh coriander, sweet beetroot and edamame on a wholesome quinoa base over a bed of fresh greens. This marvel is then drizzled with a sesame seed garnish. Equipped with nutritious ingredients and fantastic flavours, the Superfood Detox Salad is an absolute delight to keep you fuelled all day.

4. Smoothie Bowls - Homejuice

If you've already had your fill but need something sweet to round off your meal or you're looking to replenish with a mouth-watering, well-deserved treat, Homejuice is here to save the day. Serving up incredible breakfasts, desserts and, of course, juices this spot will satisfy your vegan sweet tooth needs. Homejuice has a selection of smoothie bowls you're going to need to try! Available in 4 different versions, their smoothie bowls are packed to the brim with fresh berries, bananas, strawberries, nuts, raisins and much more. A perfect treat to enjoy any time of the day, Homejuice's smoothie bowls are guaranteed to hit the spot completely guilt-free. Be sure to check out any of the four fantastic flavours available and find out which one's your ultimate favourite.

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