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Sydney's 4 Most Nutritious Power Salads

Sydney Green - Four Power Salad Picks

Not everyone is a fan of salads, that's for sure, but give them a chance and you might just surprise yourself. Whether you're a meat junkie, a full on vegan or find yourself placed somewhere in between, here at Deliveroo we've got a dish ready and waiting to fill you up. How about a bowl of Caesar complete with parmesan and bacon? A smoked salmon explosion in citrus dress? From the classic to the modern, from the old to the new, it's time for Sydney's best salad bars to show your stomach what they've got.    

1. Tuna Nicoise Salad - Salad Bar

Seafood, good food. The Tuna Nicoise Salad from Salad Bar (it's in the name) comes locked and loaded with ocean protein aplenty. A seeded mustard sauce lightens the salt content and is generously draped across green leaves, tuna bites and even greener beans, while additional veggies round out a wholesome crunchy base: olives, tomato, eggs and onion all come together to provide a cacophony of background flavour. And don't forget the feta cheese! Those creamy cubes are a welcome texture break in any spoonful. So get your Sydney fish on. Get your salads scheduled in. The Tuna Nicoise is only the start.  

2. Chef's Vegetarian - Salad Works

It's one for all and all for one when it comes to our next dish - the chef's vegetarian is available to devotees of almost any dietary lifestyle. A combo of spinach, eggplant, noodle and beans, the real star of the show when it comes to this Salad Works creation is the marinated tofu centrepiece. Choose between an orange yoghurt or Thai dressing, drizzle it on thick and then go to town in this deep green jungle of flavour. What's that? Fussy eater? No problem, not everyone likes the zest: simply veto dressing and take it plain. Enjoy the leaves as nature intended.

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3. Caesar Salad - Sumo Salad

Diamonds are forever - and so, apparently, is Caesar Salad. This long-time classic is a real gem of a dish, known by many and tasted by too few. The fact is that when done properly, this salad's simple combos will ace any foodie's taste test with flying colours – and then some. Bacon, boiled egg and parmesan. Croutons, crispy lettuce and legendary dressing. Wonderful parts of an even greater whole. Absolutely scrumptious. Bow down to the chef's at Sumo Salad and then to Caesar Cardini himself. And when you're done? Why, order a bowl and get to eating, of course. You'll be full up in no time.

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4. Smoked Salmon Salad - Two Good Eggs

Fasten your seatbelts folks, the smoked salmon salad from Two Good Eggs is about as zingy as it gets. With a lemon, dill and sour cream dressing these fish fillets are given the luxury culinary experience – a soft bed of mixed leaves, a showering of diced cucumber, and a sprinkle mix of avocado, caper and tomato. Wicked taste, each bite of this salad is lightning for your tongue. What a dish!  

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