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  2. Stuffed, thin, crispy or doughy - what makes a perfect pizza crust?
The Four Best Pizza Crusts Ever Invented

Stuffed, thin, crispy or doughy - what makes a perfect pizza crust?

Pizza is quite possibly the most loved food on the planet. Warm, wholesome and a fountain of cheesy goodness, it's a fabulous meal choice fit for every occasion. Need some cheering up after a stressful day at work? Order some pizza! Want to relax with friends in front of the telly? Grab a slice! Want to celebrate your workout by indulging? You know the drill! 

But if there's one element that can make or break a great pizza, it's the crust. No matter how impeccable the pepperoni, how gooey the mozzarella or how divine the diced chicken is, if the crust is subpar the whole pizza is ruined. So you can avoid taking that risk the next time you order, we've devised a guide to the perfect pizza crust and where you can find it.

1. Stuffed crust

Admit it – it's hard to imagine anything that could beat a beautifully-made stuffed-crust pizza, right? From classic cheese to more exotic toppings, this culinary masterpiece was first debuted by Pizza Hut in 1995 and their creations remain unbeaten and unbeatable to this day. If you're ready to be converted from your trademark thin and crispy to this gluttonous delight, their dishes should be your go-to choice. Choose their cheeky BBQ Cheeseburger and you're guaranteed to be a fan forevermore.      

2. Neapolitan style

Stuffed crust will forever be our favourite, but in close second place for the title of perfect pizza crust is Neapolitan style. Known as the original pizza, this mouth-watering masterpiece has a history that dates all the way back to 18th century Naples, when it was popularised by poor citizens in need of food they could afford and that could be eaten quickly. Just as tasty and beloved today as it was all those centuries ago, the Neapolitan is done to perfection by Simple Italian Cucina Pizzeria. Try their Margherita if you want to be impressed.

3. New York style

The flatbread used to make Neapolitan pizzas lets its ingredients do all the talking, whilst stuffed crust creations rely heavily on their fillings. If a middle ground between the two sounds like your sort of thing, then it's New York style you ought to be ordering. Still thin, but thick enough to fold in half lengthwise, the perfect US version of a pizza is perhaps best personified by the Original NY Cheese sold at New York Slice. Suitable for vegetarians, it can be enjoyed by almost anyone.          

4. Sicilian-style thick crust

Coming in a trademark square shape, Sicilian-style pizza has a thick crust and a gorgeously spongy consistency, which is why it's earned itself a place on our list of favourites. It's just the right size to take a really big mouthful when you bite into it and, believe us, you'll want to do just that - it tastes truly amazing and Sicilian in Sydney do it especially well. Take our advice and order their Aglio Pizza Crosta the next time you want to treat yourself.

Try these premier pizza crusts for yourself and decide which style is your favourite, with Deliveroo.

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