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What Really Makes The Best Veggie Lasagne?

What Really Makes The Best Veggie Lasagne?

If you're a veggie, lasagne is a great comfort food. It's the perfect mix of creamy and tomato-y, and you can make it just how you like. If you're a veggie kind of veggie, you could pack it with your favourite veggies (too many veggies?) such as peppers and aubergines, and layer the vegetables between the sauce to create an awesome rainbow effect. You could use a meat alternative, such as soy or tofu, and you have the choice to keep the pasta, or if you don't fancy the carbs, you could omit it altogether.

If you're a meat eater in search of a lighter option, there's a chance that the amount of veggies on display is about to shock you, and you might want to try an alternative to lasagne instead. The point is that the humble lasagne is often overlooked, and there's no reason why it should be. Here are some great vegetarian options, we'll let you decide which one you like best:

1. Pasta Pantry


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Pasta Pantry serve fresh egg pasta dishes, and offer ultimate comfort food for when you're feeling like you need a hug. Their vegetable lasagne is very special because it contains two types of cheese. There's ricotta between every layer covering the marinated roast vegetables, and on top you'll get a sprinkling of mozzarella. They're also pretty keen on coffee and you can warm up with a flat white whilst you wait for your pasta hug to cook.

2. Honest Food


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The restaurant scene in Melbourne is evolving quickly, and there are so many great places to eat, most of which are highly Instagrammable. It could be the filter, but all of the food at Honest Food has the kind of natural brightness that screams "If you eat me, you'll have great skin!", and it's probably true, so we thought it was only right to add the veggie lasagne to the list. Along with the chilli tofu burrito which is made with vegan cashew cheese, it is one of the most popular items on the menu. Pair it with a Kombucha drink for maximum glowing skin benefits.

3. Badde Manors


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Badde Manors is located just off from Chinatown and serves exclusively vegetarian food, so you can be assured that you're not an afterthought for the chef. They have an array of delicious vegetarian dinners with a focus on healthy, whole foods. The veggie lasagne is served with garlic toast and a side salad, so you can be sure that you're getting maximum carbs and ultimate comfort food. The biggest mistake that meat eaters make is thinking that vegetarians don't eat well!

4. Hari's Vegetarian


Hari's Vegetarian serve up a brilliant array of vegetarian curries. They are primarily a vegan restaurant with raw, vegetarian and gluten free options. You're probably thinking that a lasagne can't possible be lurking on the menu here. But it is, in all its glory. You'll get pasta sheets layered with zuccini, with spinach, tofu and pumpkin, and lashings of white and Roma tomato sauce. If that's not healthy enough for you, you'll also get a healthy fresh salad on the side. Of course, Hari's specialises in curry, so you might want to try some flatbread, too.

If you're in need of some comfort in the form of a hearty pasta treat, we've got you covered with lots of vegetarian and vegan options over on Deliveroo!

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