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Melbourne’s Best White Wine For Sushi

Melbourne’s best white wine for sushi

There's nothing quite like the intricate aromas, tastes, and textures presented by sushi. If you're getting ready to order up an exciting sushi platter, be sure to add an extra touch with a deliciously crisp white wine!

To help guide you through the best pairings in Melbourne to truly make this meal memorable, we've put together a mix-and-match guide of white wines that will best compliment your selection of tasty sushi dishes and make your night of fine dining even more special! Check out our list of top picks to pair with your meal tonight.

1. Koshu White Wine and Sashimi Roles

Firmly planted at the top of our list is a fantastic Japanese grape-wine called Koshu, which has a flavour palette known to accentuate the fresh flavours of traditional Japanese seafood dishes. One such delicacy is none other than the popular choice, sashimi rolls, thinly sliced raw fish of the finest quality. Exhibiting a light crisp taste with hints of citrus, this dry white wine will bring out a rainbow of flavour with each morsel of sashimi whether it's tuna, salmon, or even eel.

As the first Asian white wine to gain genuine international popularity, it only makes sense that Koshu wine would be the ultimate choice to sip on alongside this traditional delicacy. Melbourne's Gochi Sushi offers an exquisite selection of sashimi rolls guaranteed to make any evening special. Paired with a bottle or two of Koshu wine also available to order, be prepared to indulge in an evening of the finest Japan has to offer!

2. Muscadet White Wine and Salmon Moyashi

Another fine wine to keep in mind whilst ordering a sushi feast is the French gem Muscadet, a white wine also known to be an excellent seafood accompaniment. Bone-dry wine with a citrusy touch and high acidity makes Muscadet your perfect choice when ordering Salmon Moyashi, available at Kobe Jones. This Melon de Bourgogne grape-crafted wine delivers a crisp and precise taste with every sip, heightening the wholesome flavours of Salmon Moyashi. Exquisitely prepared salmon seared with teriyaki sauce and assembled into picture-perfect rolls, Kobe Jones' Moyashi is an excellent pair with a glass of Muscadet wine any day of the week!

3. Pinot Grigio and Maki Rolls

Pinot Grigio, native to the French region of Burgundy, is a superb choice of wine to go alongside any sushi selection, particularly the all-time favourite Maki roll. Highly favoured for capturing a backdrop of floral aromas and subtle citric tastes without being overly dry, Pinot Grigio promotes the perfect palette to enjoy intricately-made Maki rolls. Depending on the harvest, Pinot Grigio can be a light and simply zesty white wine or full-bodied and rich in flavour, suitable for your preference, whatever it may be. Hako Sushi delivers freshly rolled and addictively delicious Maki rolls just waiting to be paired with the perfect bottle of Pinot Grigio!

4. Chablis White Wine and Prawn Tempura Rolls

Last but certainly not least, Chablis wine is a world-renowned white from Chablis in France. Infamous for the purity of grapes used to make the wine, as well as its iconic aroma and strong crisp tastes, Chablis makes an out-of-this-world addition to prawn tempura rolls. The combination of freshly fried hand-rolled Tempura rolls from Tokyo Kitchen Sakae with the dry tempting taste of Chablis wine is a combination sure to knock your socks off! A must-try combination, enjoy some prawn tempura rolls with your Asian-inspired meal tonight and delve into a glass of Chablis for a truly eye-opening experience in Melbourne tonight!

Make any sushi night even better with elegant white wines and let Deliveroo help you make it all possible by delivering direct to your door!

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