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  2. Why Vietnamese Pho should be the dish of the day, every day!
Why Vietnamese Pho Should Be the Dish of the Day, Every Day!

Why Vietnamese Pho should be the dish of the day, every day!

Pho, pronounced "Fuh", is Vietnam's pride and joy! Among their unique and cultural cuisines originating in the Northern region of the Asian country, Pho has become an all-time favourite around the world- it even features in TV shows and Hollywood movies!

Although no one can seem to agree on how Pho originated, history seems to point to the Hanoi area of North Vietnam. During the early 1900s, it became a delicious and easy way for locals to make noodle soup with the scraps left over after cattle were slaughtered and the meat was purchased by French colonisers.

Pho gradually rose to stardom after the recipes travelled the world along with refugees who left the nation following the Vietnam War. Even though no one really knows how Pho came to the be the massively widespread dish it is, hundreds of variations appeared through different recipes using various ingredients and spices. The north's "original" pho bac is often served with flat, long noodles swimming in a savoury broth alongside thinly sliced beef and scallions. This version of the dish is much simpler than its southern counterpart, and represents local values for a simple, uncluttered lifestyle. In the south, the cultural melting pot of Chinese, French, and, of course, Vietnamese influences resulted in Pho nam, which encompasses a wider selection of ingredients such as chilli sauce, bean sprouts, lime, Thai basil, and much more.

Even though it is often mistaken to be a side and not a main meal, Pho is healthy, light on the stomach yet very filling, and absolutely scrumptious. The slurpy noodle dish has rapidly become a worldwide favourite that is easy-to-make, serve or order on-the-go, and has even gained some popularity among college students for its affordability and deliciousness.

Delectable, hearty, and soul-warming, Pho brings a unique twist to its super popular distant relative: the ever-so-classic ramen noodles. We've put together a list of the best places in around to get your hands on a steamy bowl of Pho tonight.

1. Yens Vietnamese Restaurant

A step away from the busier parts of Sydney, Yens Vietnamese Restaurant makes it absolutely worth an order. Yens Vietnamese Restaurant is usually crowded with peckish customers waiting to get their hands on those appetising meals. The Pho Tai (beef soup) is an absolute must-try along with their very popular Pho Bo Bia. Both are delightfully flavourful and cooked in a savoury broth with special spices and a distinct touch of authenticity. If you're on the lookout for a vegetarian option, go ahead and try the Pho Chay Tofu Rau, a wonderful tofu soup with fresh vegetables in the mix. Do your taste buds a favour and try out this ultimate Asian inspired comfort food.

2. I Love Pho

Set in the middle of Richmond, I Love Pho is a family run restaurant often referred to as the best Pho in town- as if we couldn't guess from the name! Serving hundreds of bowls daily, their food is riveting, filling, and affordable- an all-around great combination for the ultimate dining experience. The freshest of ingredients are used in every serving, guaranteeing you'll say "Mmm!" with every bite! Whether you're pondering over their Bo Ga Dac Biet, a mix of chicken and beef, the Ga Xe, a shredded chicken Pho, or their Nam, a deliciously served brisket, it's guaranteed to be prepared quickly and efficiently. The owners of I Love Pho prides themselves on making sure their food is healthy, delicious and attainable for everyone.

3. Madame Nhu

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The first to serve Vietnamese summer rolls in 2007 and considered legendary when it comes to their thick-cut meats served with a meticulously prepared secret eight-hour broth, Madame Nhu's Pho is truly one of a kind! Be sure to try the signature beef version, which comes in three different styles, as well as their spicy Pho Chua, which can only be found in Madame Nhu. Mixing up their menu options with a variety of seasonal dishes offered, this spot keeps it fresh and interesting with updated menus. Clean, healthy and prepared with pride, make sure you check out Madame Nhu's unique, mysterious signature flavours.

Whether you're a strict fan of Banh Mi or a Pho-devotee since day one, these dishes will keep you craving more. Go ahead and place your order on Deliveroo now!

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