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Valentine’s Day in Melbourne – 4 Choice Italian Wines For A Romantic Night In

Impress Your Valentine With These 4 Romantic Italian Wines In Melbourne

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and setting up a romantic evening for you and your loved one is crucial! With the help of some exquisite Italian wine, Deliveroo is ready to help you set the mood for the ultimate meat and wine date in Melbourne this Valentine's Day. It's time to pick out that perfect bottle of wine to accompany your romantic dinner for two. Check out some of the best wines guaranteed to compliment your special meal and ensure you have the most indulgent Valentine's with that special someone.

1. Chianti

First up and perfect to set the mood this Valentine's is the Chianti DOCG. A robust red wine all the way from Tuscany in Italy, Chianti is known for pairing beautifully with tomato-based meals. A dry, full-bodied taste defines this Italian classic and a hint of fresh berry flavour lingers with each sip. This top selection ensures the perfect taste alongside a marinara meal such as A25 Pizzeria's pappardelle, a delectable Bolognese and mushroom ragu topped off with a dollop of cream and parmesan. Chianti DOCG is a fantastic wine for sipping the night away in company.

2. Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a modern classic choice of white wine that combines a rich flavour and deep aroma when paired with delicious fish dishes. If you're opting to prepare your romantic meal at home and show off those culinary skills with your loved one, The Melbourne Wine Store can have the perfect pairing delivered right on time! If it's a seafood meal you're whipping up this Valentine's, the light, lemon-citrus backdrop of Pinot Grigio progresses into a mildly floral aroma making it the perfect accompaniment. A fantastic wine to add to your candle-lit dinner, be sure to order in a bottle and start the evening off with the perfect blend.

3. 2014 Colutta Pinot Grigio

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Speaking of delicious Pinots, Renzo's are ready to bring you one of the best around - the 2014 Colutta Pinot Grigio.  This choice has an aromatic scent of apples and its intense and rich flavour provides a sensational experience when accompanying dishes such as their Risotto con Anatra Funghi Porcini. This ideal romantic canaroli rice risotto features deliciously tender duck and porcini mushrooms simmered into a rich and creamy Italian classic. The Colutta Pinot Grigio also pairs magnificently with spicy foods, seafood dishes and quality meats, adding a memorable vibe to any meal you and your loved one enjoy together.

4. Paolovino Valpolicella

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Last but certainly not least, the Red Paolovino Valpolicella is a fun and fruity wine that without a doubt will add a wholesome and sensual element to any romantic scene this Valentine's Day. Paired perfectly with Italian pizza, soups, salads, fresh pastas and grilled poultry, you can't go wrong with this red from SPQR Pizzeria. They proudly serve the freshest gluten-free ingredients, authentically prepared with recipes from the heart of Naples. So if you and your date are looking to keep things light, fresh, and guilt-free on 14th February, this is the place to place your order.

Ready for a perfect Valentine's with your loved one in Melbourne? Allow Deliveroo to bring any of these divine pairings to your front door!

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