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Best Places For Gourmet Donuts

4 of the best places to get gourmet donuts

Gourmet donuts are the latest food craze to hit Aussie streets. Forget cupcakes, put down your frappuccinos, and delve into the world of glazed doughy goodness.

No longer just a basic jam-filled sugar-coated ball, but now they're indulgent artistic delights that are Instagram-worthy masterpieces. More and more donut cafés are popping up and vying to get your attention with their unusual yet tasty combinations, so we rounded up some of the best creations that you can get brought to your door.

1. Doughnut Time

Although this compact hole-in-the-wall store only opened up a year ago, Doughnut Time has become a household name across Australia. Now with 20 locations, rotating menus and new concoctions added regularly – all with achingly cool names – it's no wonder customers keep coming back for more.  

A current fan favourite is the It's Always A Gay Time – glazed with milk chocolate, covered with crushed biscuits and golden caramelised crepes then filled with rich honeycomb custard. If you want to keep things more classic, go for the Slim Shady – a vanilla glazed ring donut topped with mini M&M's. And there's even some vegan choices on offer too, so nobody gets left out.

Where: Doughnut Time, various locations

2. Bistro Morgan

It's 16-year-old Morgan Hipworth behind the batter here, juggling his passion for dressed up deep fried sugary balls with his school work – and boy are we thankful that he does. Going all-out on his topping combinations, like mixing Cinnamon and Tim Tams, Salted Caramel and Crunchie bars – along with classic pairings like strawberries and cream – this guy knows his way around a sweet tooth. If you can't decide – and we don't blame you – get yourself a six pack and try a load. And we won't tell if you don't share it.

Where: Bistro Morgan, Melbourne

3. The Doughnut Bar

This hands-on bakery make their donuts fresh in-house daily, with the ultimate goal of serving the good people of Brisbane nothing but mind-blowing-creations. True to their word they've created 'Shots of Sweetness' – their signature moist and fluffy dough balls are served warm with a syringe. Yes, you read that right – though not something you'd think to find with your baked goodies, it's filled with oozy Nutella, tangy raspberry jam or decadent salted caramel, giving you the option to inject your donut with just the perfect amount of filling to satisfy your cravings. Where: The Doughnut Bar, Brisbane

4. Dr Dough Donuts

A donut a day will keep the doctor away – and Dr Dough Donuts will back us up on that one. You'll find all your favourite things packed onto donuts here – get Rainbow Nerds sprinkled over a pink glaze in the 90's Kid, or your daily Nutella fix with the Smooth Criminal. It's covered in hazelnutty goodness, topped with chocolate chips and a milk chocolate ganache. You're spoilt for choice here, but don't worry, the Doctor is here to help. Go for the Lucky Dip for a surprise donut-flavoured glaze and topping.  But there's nothing nasty lurking here – just extra-sweet daily specials. Where: Dr Dough Donuts, two locations in Sydney Delve into Australia's latest doughy trend today, and get these moreish masterpieces delivered to your door with Deliveroo.

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