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Classic Fries: 5 Insanely Good Alternatives

A chip off the old block: 5 alternatives to classic fries

The humble fried potato is an undisputable legend. Whether it's a plate of shoestring fries or gastropub triple-cooked chunky wedges, chips are globally adored. It may seem like a dangerous game to mess with such an icon, but there's a world of quirky and creative takes on a classic out there. We've rounded up a few of our favourites to tempt you into trying something a little bit different.

1. Crispy Polenta Chips, Jamie's Italian

It's time to join the polenta party. Polenta chips made a glittering debut in the trendy foodie scene a few years back, and their popularity is soaring. They're hot and crispy on the outside, contrasting perfectly with the almost buttery super-smooth inside. The fluffiness of the potato is gone in place of polenta's rich creaminess. When dressed up with rosemary and sea salt, like these beauties from Jamie's Italian, they feel like bites of sophistication.  

Where: Jamie's Italian, various locations

2. Poutine, Lord of the Wings

This dish may have all the hallmarks of a late-night snack created in the wake of midnight munchies but there is much more to poutine than that. A Canadian classic, what began as one man's unusual taste in the 1950s quickly became a national icon. And like all seemingly simple dishes, the devil is in the detail, so quality is key. The texture is what makes the poutine – hot chips, almost squeaky cheese curds, and dripping in sweet meaty gravy. The height of indulgence, and perfect alongside some chicken from Lord of the Wings.  

Where: Lord of the Wings, two locations in Brisbane

3. Feta and Oregano Chips, Zeus Greek Street

One taste of these chips from Zeus Greek Street, and you'll be rethinking your age-old condiment choices. They are beautiful in their contrast – giving you that hearty carby hit, but with the lightness of fresh Mediterranean flavours. Crumbly and tangy feta cheese is scattered over crispy potato chips, giving a wonderful distinction in texture and temperature. Finish with a sprinkling of oregano. They're simple additions to the potato chip, but they elevate it to a whole new level.

Where: Zeus Greek Street, Canberra

4. Deep Fried Mashed Potato, Tea Master

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You know when you're like 'damn, I do love eating mashed potato, but I sure wish there was a way I could save on washing up and eat it with my bare hands'? Well fear not, as Tea Master has made all of your dreams come true. These potato miracles have been rolled into balls, breaded and deep-fried for your pleasure. Golden and crunchy on the outside, they're as fluffy as a cloud on the inside. These are the croquette's less dainty and delicate cousin. You may be surprised to see these on a traditional Taiwanese menu, but they're the perfect side for soaking up all the vibrant and sauces.

Where: Tea Master, Brisbane

5. Rustic Eggplant Chips, Groove Train

Though it may seem sacrilege to even attempt to replace our beloved potato, Groove Train's eggplant-y take will get you thinking.  Chunky cut and crumbed with parmesan, these crunchy delights make a great alternative to the classic spud. They're served up with a balsamic reduction and aioli, for a savoury-sweet contrast that you won't forget in a hurry.

Where: Groove Train, various locations

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