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  2. Melbourne's Keen for Its Coffee Scene - And So Are We
Melbourne's Keen for Its Coffee Scene - And So Are We

Melbourne's Keen for Its Coffee Scene - And So Are We

We all need a little pick-me-up sometimes, whether that's in the morning, at noon, or at night. Coffee is ideal because it keeps us awake while providing something delicious to socialise over. Everyone who's anyone in Melbourne "does coffee" at every opportunity, so here are some of our top picks of places to be seen (although, of course, you can just order in). If you're not content to drink it; don't worry, we have you covered with desserts, too.

1. The Pancake Parlour

In the heart of the CBD, you'll find coffee of a different kind. Sometimes you don't want to drink it, you want to absorb its flavour and savour every delicious drop. The Pancake Parlour combines all your vices in one, and the results are fantastic. Their Tiramisu Pancakes are to die for, with Belgian chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream, and of course, coffee galore. It's in the indulgent coffee and Kahlua sauce, as well as the espresso coffee mascarpone.

We're big fans of Tiramisu around here, so it definitely ticks all of our boxes!

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2. Mammoth Coffee & Food

At Mammoth Coffee & Food, coffee isn't even the question - it's which coffee you'll go for today. They're known for their impressive range, all made from a unique blend called Golden Gate. Whether you're a traditionalist, quirky, or you really need a boost (hello, espresso...), these guys will be sure to have something for you. Why not try every single variety? Just remember, it's probably best you don't do that all at once…

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3. Biggie Smalls Windsor

Remember that song "The Harlem Shake" that got us all in a tizzy? Remember its energy and how it got you dancing all over the place? That's what the dessert of the same name from Biggie Smalls Windsor will do to you, too. Containing the ingredient we all know and love for an added kick thanks to some coffee ice cream, it's the most explosively delicious treat around. Teamed with malt, milk chocolate and Maltesers, you know you're onto a real winner.

4. Junkyard

We're coming into summer now so sometimes, a hot cup of coffee is just, well, too hot. If you're planning on catching some rays down at St Kilda beach, Iced Coffee might be way more up your street. Junkyard has you covered, so you can get your pick-me-up while staying chilled. They even have seasonal specials; just keep checking back for their regularly updated menu.

No matter what time of day it is, you'll find the perfect coffee-infused desserts or the drink itself on Deliveroo. Not quite what you fancy? No problem. There's heaps of other stuff to order, too!​​

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