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Make your office happier with fruit delivery

Make your office happier with fruit delivery

As we are starting a new year, you are probably wondering how you can find new ways to make your employees happier and healthier at work. Staying inactive at a desk all day long and grabbing food on-the-go is not the perfect recipe for a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Companies can play a big role in their employees' health by offering perks such as healthy food, gym allowance and health insurance.

Corporate fruit delivery is one of them. It offers a very affordable and efficient way to please and take care of everyone in the office.


Fresh fruit is about the healthiest snack you can get. It is made up of 80% water (just like us), contains natural sugars that stimulate the brain and is a lot less expensive than biscuits or other unhealthy options. Getting fruits delivered to your office encourages employees to consume the 5 daily portions of fruits and vegetables recommended for adults. Fruits contain vitamins that make you feel good, boost your immune system and prevent you from feeling tired. Do you need more reasons? Because we can go on for hours...


At Deliveroo for Business, our mission is to make fruit boxes available to everyone. With different price points and a hand-picked selection of fruits easy to eat in an office setting, we make sure that we fit your needs. Our friends at Snowflake love it:

"Having healthy food on hand really affects our focus levels. With a crate of the freshest, tastiest fruit in the office, we spend more time getting things done, less time going out for snacks and drinks. We no longer have a post-lunch energy dip, either. We would recommend a Deliveroo for Business fruit box for any office, big or small!"

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