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Melbourne's Burger Boundaries: Burger Restaurants Changing the Way We View Burgers

Burger boundaries: Restaurants changing the way we view burgers

Let's admit it. Burgers are everyone's favourite food. How can you resist a delicious bit of meat (or veg) sandwiched between squashy bread, and covered with your favourite toppings? 

Truthfully, while it seems like an easy dish, burger perfection is difficult, and demand for the fast food burger is waning. People want gourmet, and Melbourne delivers. Here are four burger joints in Melbourne which are quickly turning the burger from a convenience food into something much more special.


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Burgerlove is the stuff of millennial dreams. Burgerlove showers its customers with burgers and love, and aims to make burgers which are "a representation of all of us". It doesn't matter that we have no idea what that means, because Burgerlove's menu is out of this world. The #Paralyser burger is for anyone who finds it difficult to choose between a chicken or beef patty, and would rather do without the bread. You'll get two beef patties, a piece of southern fried chicken, crispy bacon, five slices of cheddar dressed with ketchup, mustard and aioli. Oh, and we should point out that the two southern fried chicken breasts which replace the bun. No wonder it's called the Paralyser - yikes!


Along with their video game interior, 8Bit's colourful burgers are causing quite a stir in Melbourne, as they're some of the most vibrant burgers we've ever seen. There's a trend sweeping the nation of omitting the tomato from your burger, and although some people are in the camp of thinking that a classic burger does not contain salad, 8Bit are close friends with the leaves and little red fruit (or vegetable), and you'll find them in every burger. Unlike most burger joints, they offer two veggie options - a crumbed mushroom burger with cheese and sauces, and also a chickpea, corn and quinoa patty served with halloumi and beetroot relish. Gone are the days of bland veggie burgers - hurrah! 


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Easey's is run by Jimmy Hurlston of Jimmy's Burgers. He makes it look easy, but we're sure a lot of love and care goes into their crazy concoctions. Firstly, one of their restaurants is located five floors up, in a disused train carriage overlooking Melbourne city (Run, hipsters, run!) Hang on, you might want to hear what they've got on the menu before you grab your military jacket and lace up your vintage boots. With a culture of "no fussin', no cussin' and no hussin'", Easey's brings a classic menu to life with the best quality ingredients. Their restaurant in Melbourne CBD is also a pub and club on the weekends. A perfect chance to dance off that burger. They're big supporters of the art scene in Melbourne and recently got involved with the Don't Ban The Can movement which arose after announcements to remove graffiti from Melbourne's walls. 

4.Grand Trailer Park

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Grand Trailer Park will transport you to another world, and that's even before you've taken a bite of their burger made from three types of Australian beef and sandwiched into a brioche bun, oozing with cheese. The concept restaurant allows customers to sit in their own "trailer", and you'll be greeted by a waterfall as you enter. With decor as fresh as their burgers, Grand Trailer Park has been hailed one of the most exciting concept venues in the country. Their menu features all of the bacony, cheesy goodness you could ask for, and any burger on the menu can be swapped for a chickpea patty to be made into a veggie burger. (We'd ask them to hold off on the bacon though.)

If that has you salivating and wishing you were holding a brioche bun full of oozy goodness, head over to Deliveroo where you order any of these to your door. Yes, that's right, you don't even have to leave the house to get a slice of this.

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