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  2. Pineapples have officially taken over burgers in Australia
Pineapple is Australia’s newest burger topping craze

Pineapples have officially taken over burgers in Australia

Regardless of the massive debate surrounding the ingredient - much to Italy's resentment - pineapples made their way on the list of available pizza toppings in just about every pizzeria. Dedicated fans are constantly arguing for pineapple pizza and just as many loyal aficionados of traditional pizza are arguing against it. Nowadays, more and more takeaway spots are adopting the idea and adding a nice thick slice of pineapple onto their burgers. Where do you stand on this never-ending debate?

It all started with pizza…

Originating in 1962 at the hands of pizza genius Sam Panopoulos, the idea of topping off a pizza with pineapple was designed to lure in more customers to his Canadian pizzeria. Named after a certain brand of canned pineapples used to create the new dish, the Hawaiian Pizza was born!

Originally, the Hawaiian Pizza consisted of ham, cheese, and tomato sauce. Hot spots like Frankie's Pizza By The Slice offer up a classic take on the dish with their Red Base Malibu Finocchio Pizza, which consists of the four traditional ingredients that make it that fruity, highly sought-after merge of flavours that you just can't resist.

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Through a little experimentation, variations of the Hawaiian Pizza began to pop up all over the place. The many versions available deliver unique tastes by using different cheeses, ingredients and spices. Arthur's Pizza puts their own touch to the Hawaiian with their Supreme Pizza, topped with the same core ingredients as the classic, but with a hefty addition of green peppers, onions, lamb, sausage and crunchy capsicum peppers. To say that these ingredients go well together is an understatement!

Burgers have taken over the pineapple debate

The debate around the fruity topping has been a long, tough road and has even gone so far as to encourage the president of Iceland to consider banning it altogether! Will burgers have any luck? Let's find out.

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Just as Hawaiian-style pizzas can come in many varieties, burgers that feature pineapple can be prepared in even more distinctive ways. From Asian inspiration to hearty Latin influences, there's something for just about anyone! Take the Tropical Feast Burger from BenBry Burgers: Aussie beef patties, bacon, cheddar cheese, red onions, avocado and a special BenBry Aioli are packed under a juicy slice of pineapple to finish it off. This spot is making the case for burgers already!

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Another spot-on example is the Smokehouse North's Burger from North Burger Bar. They prepare fresh wagyu beef patties and pile on chipotle bacon, cheese and lemon aioli. The real crown jewel, however, is the grilled pineapple slice infusing the dish with a zesty, sweet flavour you can't help but drool over. Come on, you know that sounds amazing.

Pineapple on burgers seems to be a much more popular addition than its circular, hotly debated cousin. If you enjoy pineapple on your pizza, try giving it a twist and order up a burger with that fruity hit you need!

Whatever side you're on, check out some of these insanely scrumptious pineapple burgers and pizzas on Deliveroo today.

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