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  2. The Great Poke Boom: 6 Restaurants Pioneering the Aussie Poke Craze
The Great Poke Boom: 6 Restaurants Pioneering the Poke Craze

The Great Poke Boom: 6 Restaurants Pioneering the Aussie Poke Craze

We share quite a lot in common here in Australia with Hawaii, but it's not just the surf hailing from the country that's got us all excited. The new foodie fad, poke bowls are here: A delicious and healthy dining option incorporating heaps of flavour and all your favourite foods.

1. Poke Bowl, Surry Hills, Sydney

Poke Bowl does what it says on the sign... It serves poke bowls, and real good ones at that. Each of the dishes have cute names, with our favourite being the street favourite "I Dare You" featuring kingfish. "Jus Poke" is another hit, coming complete with Teriyaki chicken. Fun fact - Teriyaki cooking dates back to 17th century Japan, which means this place is ideal for a fusion feast!

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2. Hooked On Poke, Bondi Beach, Sydney

Given the beachy setting of the place, it should come as no surprise that fresh fish is the dish of the day - every day! These poke bowls are absolutely mouth-watering, offering lucky customers the chance to sample a wide range of fish, like snapper, salmon and tuna. Vegetarians shouldn't feel left out though - there's a delicious tofu bowl, too, which is one of their most popular dishes.

3. Poked, Melbourne CBD

Wow, you're really in for a treat. Poked serves up a "Designed By Us" range that you really can't help but love. All bases are covered - the Hula Hula Chook combines Aussie and Hawaiian culture to a T, featuring chicken, pineapple, and a gorgeous spinach and sweet potato salad. Prefer to go traditional? No worries mate. The Hawaiian has salmon, tuna, and pineapple, so it's about as quintessential as it gets.

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4. Poki Time, Hawthorn, Melbourne

When is it NOT "poki time", really? Choose from their Signature Bowls range or simply make your own, you've got all the options here that you could ever want. Bases, proteins, toppings and mixes all come included. Spicy Up is worth a go if you want something with a little kick; featuring spicy tuna and spicy mayo, as well as chillies and plenty more.

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5. Poké King, Collingwood, Melbourne

This place is so popular! People go well and truly crazy for their healthy but delicious treats, with diners being able to choose between regular bowls, or the Chef's Special "Sumo Bowls". In fact, you can even create your own. With fresh ingredients ranging from green matcha sushi rice to kimchi and everything in between, you've lots of options.

6. Harajuku Gyoza, Southbank, Brisbane

Chefs at this hip Southbank restaurant work hard to bring a variety of tasty creations, but if you're looking to steer away from straight up gyoza, it won't pain you to shake things up a bit. Their "Yum Bowls" are to die for, and the Salmon Poke Bowl with heaps of veggies, rice and even fried gyoza skin, really steals the show.

Hawaiian food is taking the world by storm, and it's finding its way to your door, mouth and heart. Takeaways don't have to be unhealthy these days, as these bowls more than prove. It's no surprise that they're all the rage, and you can find plenty on Deliveroo.

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