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The Beauty Of Beetroot

The beauty of beetroot: 4 dishes showing off beets’ glory

Just as Brits can't bear to have their fish without chips, we Aussies will not make do with burgers without beetroot. But where did the obsession start?

We take a look at just how we came to pair up such an unusual twosome, and suggest where to start looking if you fancy getting your beetroot fix without the beef patty. It might feel sacrilegious, but trust us when we say you can enjoy your beets without burgers any day.

Burgers and beets – what's the deal?

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Though delicious and compulsory for us connoisseurs, topping burgers with beetroot comes as a shock to the rest of the world. And rumour has it that this is exactly what it was designed to do. Back in the 1940s when American troops took rest and relaxation on our shores, we added beetroot to this American staple food just to shock and awe. And boy did it work.

Of course, there are much more sensible theories. Mainly that the successful cannery business took off in the 40s, and adding canned beetroot to burger was an accidental but popular by-product.

Either way, there's no doubt that we would laugh in the face of a burger proffered without beets. But just how versatile can the purple stuff be? We take a look at some fresh ideas for using up your beetroot from the best of Deliveroo. And not a burger in sight.

1. Beetroot and sweet potato wrap, Mentmore and Morley

Sometimes a juicy  burger hits the spot, but sometimes you need something fresher. This rainbow wrap from Mentmore and Morley satisfies that lunchtime craving without weighing you down. Filled with sweet potato, sharp goat's cheese and sweet onion jam this wrap is, of course, topped with beetroot. A refreshing finale for this burger doppelganger. But any one of these dishes is a treat for your mouth – and your Instagram feed.

Where: Mentmore and Morley, Sydney

2. Green Brekkie, Healthy Planet

Usually reserved for lunch and dinner dishes, beetroot has been brought forward to breakfast at Healthy Planet. Their whopping all day Green Brekkie is a veggie lover's paradise. Combining smoky grilled eggplant and creamy scrambled eggs with capsicum, kale, peas and sourdough toast, this holy-grail of a dish is finished with none other than beetroot relish. It's a good job they serve it all day, eh?

Where: Healthy Planet, Melbourne

3. Purple Greek Pita, Zeus Street Greek

Not content with beetroot's sweet and sour appeal, Zeus Street Greek have taken things to a whole new level with their Purple Greek Pita. Filled with juicy slow roasted lamb and onions, the real show stopper in this number is their beetroot hummus. Eye-wateringly vibrant in both taste and looks, this new take on beetroot will have you recipe-hunting for days.

Where: Zeus Street Greek, Sydney

4. Beetroot, radish and rocket salad, Mecca Bah

Not usually reserved as a Moroccan staple, beetroot has been lovingly incorporated into one of Mecca Bah's favoured dishes to create their radish and rocket salad. Bejewelled with sweet pomegranate dressing, this simple combination  of beetroot, radish and peppery rocket comes together to create a light lunch that packs a punch.

Where: Mecca Bah, Brisbane

Inspired to try out some new healthy options, or find vegetarian choices packed with root vegetable flavours? Check out all of the restaurants above – and more – on Deliveroo now.

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