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  2. The year of the coconut: 5 foods featuring 2017’s latest superfood
Year Of The Coconut: Foods Featuring 2017’s Latest Superfood

The year of the coconut: 5 foods featuring 2017’s latest superfood

Superfoods come and superfoods go, but here's one we can all get behind: coconut. Use its creamy milk in curries, drink the water as a healthy way to rehydrate, or chop it up for use in a million different desserts. It's gluten-free, lactose-free and full of flavour – so here's five of our favourite ways to enjoy it.

1. Raw Nutella Bowl, Acai Brothers

Coconut water is an essential part of all of Acai Brothers' acai bowls – and it's a great addition as it's full of electrolytes and natural sugars. The Raw Nutella Bowl is naughty but nice – packing in acai, banana, coconut water, buckini activated buckwheat and cacao. Top it with extra fruits, and add toppings of your choice to customise it all the way. Pick coconut nectar if you want to double up on the coconutty goodness.

Where: Acai Brothers, three locations in Sydney

2. 'Pol' Roti, Pavlov's Duck

Sri Lankan food reaches the next level at Pavlov's Duck. Here, the chefs use innovative, seasonal ingredients to put a new spin on classic dishes – and their 'Pol' Roti really is something special. The coconut flat-bread, roti, is served with spiced lentils, sweet chili onion relish, and a hidden son in law egg. Best of all, it's cut into neat duck shapes, making this superfood lunch almost too good to eat.

Where: Pavlov's Duck, Melbourne

3. Bi Xao Dua – Coconut Pumpkin, Viet de Lites

Moving West from Sri Lanka's food, Viet De Lites serve up healthy and original Vietnamese cuisine. Here, the coconut is incorporated as a cream, served up alongside baked pumpkin and crispy sweet potatoes. Extra roasted, shredded coconut is scattered over the top to give you a double helping of sweet and nutty goodness, which complements the earthy flavours of the pumpkin perfectly.

Where: Viet De Lites, Brisbane

4. Super Smoothies, O Superfood

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If you're looking for a super-healthy snack, O Superfood have got you covered. They feature coconut heavily in their menus, from their spiced salads to their cranberry and coconut superfood balls, but it's the smoothies that let coconut do all the talking. The Green and Purify smoothies both bundle in hydrating coconut water, while the Satisfy smoothie has coconut flesh blended right into it.

Where: O Superfood, Sydney

5. Thai Tea Pannacotta, Sabai

Coconut's naturally sweet properties make it ideal for an end-of-meal palate-cleanser. Sabai use it in all their desserts – coconut ice cream, steamed puddings with pandan, coconut and palm sugar, and their signature Thai Tea Pannacotta. This show-stopper has a cooked cream base, topped with a coconut crumble and mixed berries. It's the sweetest way to get your superfood fix.

Where: Sabai, Melbourne

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