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trade buns for baos this Easter

Get your hands on a hot cross bao this Easter

No, that's not a typo – it's a genius bit of culinary innovation. Some of our most exciting restaurants have put together some limited edition hot cross baos especially for Easter. Have a read to see what's going on in your city, and find out what makes the perfect hot cross bao.

Sweet Jesus bao – Pachi Pachi, Perth


If you're after an Easter-themed dessert then this bao ticks the box. Your sweet tooth will rejoice if you try this fried Bao with salted miso caramel sauce, caramelised popcorn and vanilla bean ice cream. Enjoy for $7.50 a bao.

Easter mini rabbit bao – BBQ Duck Kitchen, Brisbane


For a twist on a traditional Cantonese style dim sum dish, choose BBQ Duck Kitchen's sweet custard bun. These light, fluffy buns with a sweet centre are more than enough to make you give up on the egg hunt. Plus, you get one and a free ice tea for $6. Eggcellent.

Red bean Nutella bao – Tao Cafe, Perth


Nutella lovers, listen up! Made with red bean and Nutella, these chocolatey delights are a pretty genius addition to your table of Easter goodies. They're available for $4.90 a bao, and hopefully they won't inspire any French-style Nutella riots.

Hot X bao – Wonderbao, Melbourne


Yes, more Nutella – but that's not all. These hot cross baos are crammed full of sultanas, choccy bits and the unmistakable smell of Easter. Get a box of 6 for $18, and bring a little bundle of bao-based joy into your day.

Ferrero Rocher Steamed Coco Bun – 50SIXONE, Adelaide


These delicious steamed buns are stuffed with a Forrero Rocher and served up with vanilla ice cream and Nutella dipping sauce.  Get 2 for $17.

Head over to Deliveroo to see if you can get any of these delicious baos, and if you can't – don't worry. We have loads of amazing restaurants just waiting for you to try them.

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