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Introducing… the joy of missing out

Introducing… the joy of missing out

It's time for another delicious Deliveroo Marketer campaign! Introducing our next one… 'JOMO' = Joy of Missing out.

The Independent said that JOMO has officially replaced FOMO as 78% of millennials would rather stay at home!

To celebrate the ease of staying at home and ordering Deliveroo, we are partnering with restaurants to offer exclusive discounts for our customers every Wednesday night from Wednesday 4th of September until the end of October.

The campaign is designed to increase orders, revenue and new customer growth. Restaurants will have the flexibility to offer anywhere from 10% to 40% off their menu for new or all customers and will also have the option of setting a minimum order value.

We'll be supporting restaurant offers by communicating them across our social channels, emails promoting the campaign and in-app merchandising showcasing all JOMO offers.

We'd love for you get involved, so if you're hungry to know more - get in touch with your Account Manager.

The Independent - https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/jomo-fomo-millennials-netflix-spotify-subscriptions-marie-kondo-a8752216.html

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