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8bit brings the USA's all-time best exports to Melbourne, and serves them up with their own unique twist. You'll find all of your favourite star-spangled goodies here, from bursting burgers and loaded fries to hot dogs brimming with toppings, so when you're in the mood for some big, bold and beautiful eats, this is the place for you.

A burger for all

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If you're a first-timer, try the 8bit With Cheese. This wonder celebrates the burger in all its classic glory – a seasoned beef patty is met with tomato, lettuce, red onion, kicking pickles, hot mustard and oozing cheese, before being topped with ketchup and the magic sweet and spicy 8bit sauce.

And it's not just about the beef here, alongside the Golden Axe – packing in crispy fried chicken with a zingy sriracha mayo – they've also got loads of great vegetarian options. From the 1 Up Mushroom Burger, where crumbled mushroom is given the patty treatment and paired up with all the usual suspects, to the Zelda. Here you'll find a chickpea, corn and quinoa patty, American cheese, beetroot relish, grilled haloumi, avocado and 8bit mayo.

The name of the game

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8bit is the brainchild of Shayne McCallum and Alan Sam. A video game theme dominates everything here, from the décor to the dish names, in a tribute to the founder's nostalgia for their arcade-going youth. And it turns out the people love this whimsical concept – the business boomed, and they're now serving up their game-inspired goodies from three locations in Australia.

Their motto is 'burgers are our name, burgers are our game.' And while we can get behind a burger-y philosophy like this, it's more than just words here – you can taste this dedication in every bite.

Loaded with wonder

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Keeping with the American-inspired goodies, they also give hotdogs the 8bit treatment here. Go for the 1942, where a grilled bratwurst comes together with curry ketchup and pickle relish, for those classic European flavours. Or opt for our favourite, the Wonder Boy – a smoked frank, bacon, grilled onions, cheese and BBQ sauce and spring onions.  

But it's not just about these show stoppers either – it's the sides and shakes that make 8bit standout on Melbourne's burger scene. The Beer Battered Fries are crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, and the Potato Gems are sprinkled with fiery paprika, but we love the Loaded option, your choice of fry topped with chilli beef, cheese sauce, jalapeños, spring onions, bacon, pickle relish, grilled onions and salsa.

Feeling hungry? Check out 8bit's menu here on Deliveroo.

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